Here, There And Everwhere

It's neither here nor there. It's everywhere.

This isn't about how we are all 'connected', how lines of control embrace all the good1 little boys and girls of the universe so as to make us all one. We are not one because there is no 'we'.

If you think a thought about yourself does that qualify you as being two? Some like to use the word 'we' as a way of referring to themselves but does that make it true. Confusion may reign supreme but there is so much more to this universe then simple minds doing little pony tricks in order to impress anyone who is foolish enough to throw a little attention our way. This isn't about playing fetch.

So where does this leave us?2

If you look behind the scenes3 you will notice this little tidbit that has been around for ages.

"It is true, you ARE what you see, but even before that there is already an established existence.

All that you see, is you. You are, therefore all is. What a momentous occasion to celebrate!"

Here, there and everywhere.4

Though I feign ignorance because there is much ignorance to be had it doesn't mean that I am swimming with the fishes out in the middle of the stream of Life and Living, being rushed along past the banks of time, space and eternity hurling to an unknown past, present and future. From a drop in the ocean to clams walking the Earth5 there is so much hearsay understood that truth is not even close to fiction anymore. That's not really true but for some it's the bedrock truth hiding in the shadows as propaganda which is so beloved these days that all I can do is shake my head at the kids playing in the sandbox.

I feel for you.

But that's neither here, there or anywhere because what is in front of you is... you.

Believe what you like6.

  1. Goodness me, let's not forget the bad

  2. If you don't get that then just... forget it. The whole thing. 

  3. It's about the source... code. 

  4. Kinda reminds me of Lord of the Rings

  5. I couldn't resist this little sly reference. 

  6. But don't take my word for it. I would not want to disturb anyone's dream. The funny thing is that I feel for you aka I see you in the mirror. 

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