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Passing The Time of Day II

In a defining moment of our lives reality takes much more than just a blow to the head. It is knocked completed unconscious bordering on consciousness. In a twist of fate we find ourselves displaced in a reality we have comfortably called home.... 16 Mar 2021

Lost In Listening

It's been said once or twice that things are just so for a reason, that things are made and unmade in the image of that which perpetuates the existence of our nature. In looking in the mirror, not of life and Living but of Eternity we... 27 Oct 2020

From Obligation To Awesomeness

So much of my life has been lived in obligation and now that I have crossed over I think that freedom from one's own obligations are like the proverbial lead weight while swimming even with the tide. Dropping the hammer of ill-repute always... 31 May 2019

We Become Thirsty

Watching and waiting we pass time and as time passes, the feeling of eternity comes closer and closer until we find ourselves smack dab in the middle of it. It becomes our reality and we begin to think that our 'foreverness' allows us the... 07 Jun 2005

Eternity Becomes Very Apparent

Imagine an OT level that would be the last. Imagine becoming free of the all those things that are in the way in one short, empowered level. Freedom at last. But before all that, there must be a progression, a steady and sure pace of gains and... 26 Apr 2005

Tracking Eternity

Looking for the pot of gold can turn into something completely unexpected. Seeking, we tend to become lost in the "process of". Whether we become embroiled in climbing the ladder of success or in becoming 'spiritually enlightened', the... 03 Sep 2003

We've Never Left Home

There is a joy in the living of life. There is a moment of unrequited love where life becomes accepted as it is for what it is. What finer moment could be endured or celebrated than this? Going beyond our day-to-day mortality, there can be only... 21 Nov 2001

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