Eternity Becomes Very Apparent

Imagine an OT level that would be the last. Imagine becoming free of the all those things that are in the way in one short, empowered level. Freedom at last.

But before all that, there must be a progression, a steady and sure pace of gains and realizations which would take one higher, closer to the goal. There must come insight into specific areas of our lives, there must come a sense of power and glory which we all know is the freedom we seek. Power and glory.

In order to gain all there is that we are to gain, we must fervently and very seriously examine, study, understand and demonstrate each and every technical aspect of clearing that there is. We all know that without this knowledge we will not make it.

As we narrow our beam of focus we endeavor to overcome with superiority the technical aspects of what Scientology really means.

This is why there is so much discussion, so much research, exploration and efforts devoted to technical processes and procedures. The way IS the means and the means becomes the focus of attention. In other words, we are not devoted to spiritual freedom, we become devoted to the path, the way, and in Scientology the way is called the technique, the technical side of the Bridge involving processes and procedures.

Are you getting a clue yet as to why so many people do not wish for this side of the Bridge to end?

Spiritual freedom is for the taking at any point on the Bridge. ANY point. When the Bridge becomes regulated and controlled, regurgitated and standardized, guess what happens. The path becomes the focus. The way becomes the goal and so demonstrates itself as the existence of the CoS and the FZ. These groups, and all the attached smaller groups, are lost, are w-a-y out in the jungle of life called the Bank. The mind can and does lead us all astray.

This is why it takes an OT to be an OT. One must rise above the Bank to be above the Bank, but don't be fooled into thinking that one must 'rise above'. There is no such thing.

The Bank loves data, it loves input in the form of experience, feelings and emotions. Whatever label one wishes to put upon the past, or even the future, the mind is the answer. For some, the complexity and beauty of circuitous reasoning is quite captivating and in this hypnotic state they endeavor to 'figure it all out', to clearly define and understand each and every single word, phrase and term that Hubbard may or may not have said or written. It must be carefully and completely taken apart and fully understood and the reasoning behind this is so that we can 'go free'.

We already are free.

What is keeping us Earth bound is our narrow focus of attention. The Bridge is everything and when that is done, well then, we must go on to OT Level 2000. Surely THAT will hold the answer. It will surely not and nothing that is said or done will end it all for us. The levels will just keep going on and on and on. But thinking that the end is just around the corner gives us comfort. If we let the Bank control us just a little more, it will then let us go free.

This is a bit backwards. The Bank does not free us. We cannot continue giving life to the Bank and hope that through this life it will set us free. Why not just admit that we are the slaves of our Bank and be done with it. Perhaps then, once we have faced ourselves, can we actually START on the Road to Total Freedom.

What different does it make what anyone says or does when we are not them. Can another free us from ourselves? If that is the kind of thinking that one wishes to engage in, then the Bank has already won in it's role of Master.

If the excruciating study of technical details has one's attention then through misdirection, the Bank sends the Slave on it's task of data accumulation. But it is not misdirection on the Bank's part, it is misdirection on one's OWN part. Ever looking elsewhere, we avoid looking at ourselves in the mirror of life.

Spiritual freedom is not predicated on anything.

But if one wishes to engage the universe to prove otherwise, then eternity becomes very apparent.

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