For He Who Sees, Knows

Chasing our tails, we seem to forever get caught in the whirling vortex of our wake. Thoughts fly in all directions and so do we. Chasing them all, we become scattered and fragmented, lost in the effort. Breaking free is not considered an option as we consider each and every possible recourse in our travels. Beginning with effort we end with effort and then effort vanishes into the night sky. Left to our own devices, will we dive right back in or will our devices come to an end as well.

There is no going back and there is no going forward other then in the dreams of our own making. Devising our escape route we plod along thinking that things will work out 'just so'. Hoping that our freedom will be ensured, we change nothing and so end up with even more 'hell to pay' in lives upon life. Breaking the stranglehold of desire, nothing matters for in freeing ourselves we find that freedom is just another concept like all else. Bound by ourselves, we chain ourselves to ourselves and greatly complain when we become the effects just as fervently as we create the 'cause'. In our computations there is no exit, so why even try to 'figure it all out'?

When we watch for our signs we begin to capture the moment and as we become aware of the moment we realize that we are nothing but. It is like the home we always wish for us to return to. Unfortunately we cannot take ourselves along. In fact, we take nothing and leave nothing. When we turn and face ourselves all that we see is nothing and yet all is complete and whole. Defining ourselves we move away from ourselves.

As thoughts are the reminders that we exist, it begs us to cease this silly game we call life. Having a life, we discard all else. Importance is just another thinking word and out of that abyss rises much more than just experiential glee. Trembling in awe the mind simply cannot take stock of it's own nature as it has no nature. In creating the universe we must effort to live and when we come to know of that effort we cease to live and are then beyond both life and death. There is no freedom in one's nature but we can think that there is. Thought makes all possible but our concern is not for the possible but for the impossible and it is past that line that thought cannot go. It simply has no make-up for it, so why not just let it go completely and be done with it - forever.

We can chase our tails for all eternity but in one single swoop eternity can come crashing down. All it takes is seeing what there is to be seen. No judgment, no conviction, no preconceived thoughts, ideas or concepts. Just plain and simple seeing.

For He who Sees, Knows.

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