Looking Every Where Else

In sight we fool ourselves into thinking that reality exists right before our very eyes. In darkness, we seek the light in which illumination can be found. Neither light nor dark are the reality we seek.

Turning a blind eye to our outer reality we use our good eye to see within. In this all-seeing eye the inner becomes the outer for all to see. Reflecting upon our fate we train our minds to behave to directed thought ever so hope-full that it will work THIS time. Capturing our attention, thoughts flitter to and fro perpetually in flight. Is chasing rainbows any different?

As we kneel before our god and gods we submit, but in submission we remain resistant, ever fighting ourselves for dominance. Fleeting thoughts betray us and our actions define us. What is there left for us to do? What unexplored territory shall we conquer, what peoples shall we rule and more importantly, where is it that we shall go?

Diving headlong into the depths of ourselves we find ourselves. Not as the pagan priests of old but as nothing. No label to be attached to, no rote procedure to memorize, no rules to adhere to. Free as we are, what could it possibly matter other than to one who burdens themselves with the luggage of life. In our haste to make ends meet, we break them apart even further and call it progress.

In this delusional state of existence we are supposed to be 'happy', to be safe and secure in the knowledge that we, and no one else, is fully in control. Escaping from prison, we run to another. Constructing our own bars of exile, we remain isolated and bereft of our nature. Sadly, we have no means to our end but does that mean we should lay down and live among the fallen as if we belong there?

Breaking our ingrained existence means little but to take notice of all that occurs. Attaching our thoughts to items of interest only solidifies our role as the poisoner of the heart, but as we carefully note it's movements, we become free of them. Thought can not and does not provide the means to destroy itself so what can be lost by taking note of it's apparency?

We color our world and oft times become quite disappointed with our handiwork, never for a moment laying claim to it. Shunning our efforts, we pretend that they do not exist. How is one to defy one's nature other than to pretend that it does not exist?

It can be very difficult to find one's self when we continuously look every where else.

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