Notice To Freezoners

This web site does not adhere to your standard of ideology and is therefore letting you know that your ideological participation is not required at this time. There are other sites on the internet which may be more attuned, and therefore welcoming, to the ideas, concepts and beliefs which you hold dear. In this universe there is something for everyone.

This is not to say that FZA excludes anyone, as we do not. Exclusion is only demonstrated based upon one's actions here. If those actions contradict this web site's purpose, if those actions portray an effort which runs contrary to the definition of the Free Zone ("A ZONE, or area, where spiritual awareness may be pursued FREE of outside or disruptive forces") then the web site Administrator would be remiss if appropriate action were not to be taken.

Directness means that we are intensely serious in our focus of spiritual freedom.

The entire universe is your playground but here the attention goes to the more spiritually mature. This is not just another sandbox to play in.

If your access or messages are removed, locked or denied do not interpret this as to mean that a personal attack is underway. We have no interest in forcing anything of ourselves upon another, but as this is the Free Zone America web site it becomes our responsibility to administer it appropriately.

Each being has the right to be as free as they want. That freedom is inherent despite the overwhelming demonstration of resistance. It is not the right as each of us sees fit, but the utter and complete right of coming to know of the freedom we call ourselves. It is not the right to force ourselves upon another but the right to face ourselves to whatever degree one wishes.

No animosity is harbored against the freezone and it's followers. They may go and do whatever they wish unmolested as we are not interested in changing their nature, their ideas or their efforts. We are interested solely and completely in spiritual freedom for spiritual freedom makes any thing and every thing else superfluous.1

  1. for a little more information on the difference between the Free Zone and the freezone, see Free Zone vs 'FreeZone'

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