Constant Vigilance

To be free is to be enslaved to an idea, a concept of being and this surely cannot be what is desired. All concepts and ideas originate with our compulsive tendencies and so the freedom which one seeks becomes defined by guideposts or markers along the way. Whatever gives one a sense of well-being, whatever gives one a feeling or emotion which is desired as being pleasant will do nothing in attaining the reality of non-attachment.

When we attach ourselves to thoughts, concepts and ideas we become fixated and so through this choice we lay claim to that which covers up our true nature. Being in touch with the universe or ourselves is not a concept which we can employ to gain for ourselves one thing or another. In pure Being there are no concepts to waylay us, there are no ideas to foolishly yearn for and there are no thoughts to busy ourselves with.

Pure Being is being and that is all. From this foundation you will find that anything and everything is just as it is and glorious at that! The idea of adding anything onto that never even comes up.

It's strange that with so many people yearning and striving for spiritual freedom through the attainment and realization of one thing or another that despite all this our true nature ever remains unchanged. This then begs the question: what are we really striving for? Where is it that we wish to be? The answers, typically, reflect our own personal desires and urges for some utopia which we have imagined for ourselves. Is this reality?

Wandering aimlessly upon the Earth in search of one thing or another will do nothing but keep our minds busy with new experience. Can experience ever free us from ourselves? Has it yet?

Flitting to and fro our sense of achievement is nurtured and fed with our good wishes. Is our cause to embody feelings?

Results of our quest for Spiritual Freedom are most times predefined. We clearly have a picture in our heads as to what Spiritual Freedom means. But is this Reality? How do we break ourselves of the mind habit? How to do get around all the extemporaneous thoughts, ideas and concepts to achieve the reality of Spiritual Freedom or coming to home to our true nature.

Constant vigilance is the price of freedom. It always has been and always will. Unfortunately most people have a twisted idea of what freedom is and so vigilance goes out the window quite quickly. If you don't believe me just try watching all those thoughts, ideas and concepts cross before your inner eyes, and then do nothing about them. Just watch. See how long it takes before you find yourself already immersed within them and then you will know the difference between vigilance and being a slave to the mind of man.

For some, being a slave is rather comforting but for others it becomes something which must be eliminated at all costs. In directness we find out the truth about ourselves and pass no judgement. There is no place for judgement as that merely demonstrates our immersion into experience. Being direct with ourselves means to knowingly go after what is really important - Ourselves.

All else is mortal play in the game called life.

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