Secrets Kill Freedom

Secrets kill Freedom. This is so because any withhold, by it's nature, requires that Freedom be placed just a little bit further 'out there'. Freedom cannot be risked when a withhold is latched onto. This results in the following:

This list can just go on and on, but it ends at the Free Zone. The Free Zone has no secrets and never has. The Free Zone being referred here is not the shadow but the object itself.

When there are no withholds there is Freedom.

We hold no secrets here because we have nothing to hide, we have no information which must not be revealed and no agenda which is played out in the back room. What you see is what is real.

Creating illusions are for those who do not take their spirituality seriously and this means, of course, that Spiritual Freedom will ever remain a fixed idea in one's mind.

This does not mean that the Free Zone openly tells every person on the planet everything that is known, that would be ridiculous. When one comes to understand the right questions to ask, when one comes to the point on their spiritual journey where they begin to see, then naturally, questions arise and these questions are handled directly and honestly. Being true to ourselves means that one's truth must be held in the upmost regard. Truth is the directness of spirit and when the connection is made, there is no room for secrets and back room antics.

Just because corporate Earth envelops themselves in cloak and dagger doesn't mean that we all should. In fact, it should be the indicator that we are all headed in the wrong direction. Life points the way, why not follow it? But the problem arises whereby the pointing appears obtuse or undecipherable. Obviously the truth is then being avoided.

It's not easy to break one's habit of living a lie, but that doesn't mean that it must remain so. Breaking out of our pre-determined thought patterns is what Scientology is all about. All it takes to get one weaned away from lies and deception is a bit of study and progression, real progression on the path of real knowledge, not an apparent progression on a path which is guided by secrets.

In creating a space where spiritual freedom may be pursued free of outside interference we do not give undo attention to those who hold secrets as truth always and forever will, take care of the wayward and the lost.

Losing one's way, no matter the apparent progress, is still being lost in the jungle of life and death. These repeating cycles should tell you a little bit about why time is so necessary and why those who wish to control it never will but in their own minds. We are not the bodies we bare nor the souls we think we are. All the machinery, all the trickery and deceit can only appear to work by your agreement that it be so.

When one holds secrets one withholds Spiritual Freedom from one's self, but through the courageous efforts of using the directness of truth, all this can easily be changed. The hard part, of course, is getting over ourselves to realize this.

Secrets are like candy to the lost, gathering unto themselves all the lost children of the night. Their power lies in illusion and deception, but we all know that this apparent power is nothing but an illusion. When it comes to truth, nothing can stand in it's way except those who refuse to see and so truth merely passes through them without taking root.

But it is still there. Even now.

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