Chance Happenstance

In a moment of peace the silence of our being arises and lets us know that we do indeed exist. Isn't it strange that in order for peace to come to us we must kill all the thoughts and ideas that we have of ourselves? Holding on to things, we weigh ourselves down and upon letting go, we 'become' free. And so, Spiritual Freedom is nothing more than just being ourselves - wholly and completely.

So to what purpose or design do we harbor thoughts of any kind? Is thinking a requirement for living? Of what lies beyond this concept of creation?

Imagining what peace is like, we undertake an arduous journey in order to capture it. How ridiculous! But to the one which endeavors to play games with themselves, this journey is quite serious. Ever so much so that all others become obstacles in one's way and so must be considered as the enemy. Chasing one's tail, it becomes the tail's fault. As we completely forget our own inner nature we exude characteristics in order to set us apart from those who we must overcome.

As we live out our lives before the mirror of life we come away with experience. Again and again we invent new ways and means of play with varying characteristics and yet ultimately they all fail. Never tiring of the game of life, we endlessly occupy ourselves with ourselves.

Until a chance happenstance overtakes us and we begin to see with a different set of eyes.

As we now have fleeting thoughts of one thing or another, as we now sometimes become completely immersed in a daydream, so too is this very life the same.

Yearning for something different we know not what that 'different' is and when we attempt to conceptualize and categorize it, it all falls apart and we find ourselves right back where we started. Considering our options, we try and try again and again. Never finding the peace that we project before ourselves, we lead ourselves off into the jungle once again, hoping that this time we will come to know of it.

Is it not yet obvious where this peace is?

Freedom is never found in some other part of the universe, in some other religion, philosophy or way of life. In fact, freedom can never be found, period. How does one find that which already exists but through ignorance, is imagined as being unreal. One cannot have an idea of something which has no basis in reality. One cannot seek freedom unless one already knows what freedom is.

If we are the freedom we seek why then do we busy ourselves with this idea of attainment at all?

When our lives become dominated by the thoughts, ideas and concepts we hold dear then it is true, the blind can not see. When we blind ourselves to our nature it becomes a whole new ball game. Some people call that fun. The thrill of playing a game.

Good or bad, a game, any game, is simply more of the same- pretending, first by effort and then by ignorance, that we do not exist beyond our demonstrable characteristics. In other words, we become dominated by our collections of 'things', of thoughts, ideas and concepts which become molded into experience.

When these 'things' come to be removed, we feel better. For some, that experience becomes a new defining moment and so off they go to play the same game but with a new twist. It is still the same game. But for others, once they get a peek at their own true nature, even if for one brief moment, life is never, ever the same again.

When the games stop, when we cease the pretension of being ourselves, we find that we are and always have been, right here, right now.

Who could ever deny that?

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