Before It's Too Late

Perhaps it already is.

If you value your Spiritual Freedom, even the idea of spiritual freedom, now might be the proper time to follow through on your Quest.

The Free Zone is a microcosm of a much, much bigger sweep of the artist's brush. Expanding awareness is like reaching the stars, one must first develop fire and when the fire within roars, it becomes necessary to move on.

It is time to move on. But for those who wish to remain as one of the primitive tribes, so be it. There is something for everyone in Life.

Scientology is a microcosm of a much, much bigger sweep of awareness through the physical universe. As it stands now it's preparatory efforts will pay off in the time to come. But it holds no monopoly.

Scientology is a tool. The Free Zone is a tool. Beyond and above both, the heavens move with purpose and plan. If one is not yet in tune with the Dance of Creation, then surely one will get caught unawares when the music changes beat. Being out of step and out of alignment are not helpful for the one who is to be in harmony with one's self.

Getting caught in the rain while one has pneumonia, or amnesia, will only ensure a condition much worse than the current one. When we run from inevitability, it bites and it bites hard in it's attempt at waking us up. Slumber is not a natural right but a condition of forgetfullness. When we move away from ourselves, we become lost and alone. Destitute and dying, we seek to live forever. Strange, but true.

Times passes as it always does but here on this planet history takes it's toll, and its not a very nice history at that. As we all try to sweep it all under the rug, we find that the rug is non-existent. How do we face ourselves each and every morning? What do we see in the mirror? Perhaps just another day in the mining camp, working our shifts for another's glory while basking in our own imagined delights.

Reality is coming. Perhaps it is here, and has already begun to make it's self known. In either case, it's becoming quite clear that it's going to be too late for the late comers very, very soon.

All aboard!

See also: Destitute and Dying.

The above was a response to the following post made to the forum:

20050523_re Before It's Too Late

Sun, 22nd May 2005 17:22
Subject: Unwavering Glare

Having swallowed the red pill I find myself anxious.

Looking all around what we see? People moving from day to day carelessly, unaware of what's going on behind the scenes.

I've met with my friends today.. We went to the cinema, watched latest Star Wars episode, eat something - just 'usual' sunday evening. While they cheerfully talked about plans, shopping, traveling, etc. I remained silent. No one even mentioned sinister resemblance of 'fiction' and todays reality.
No one even thought about it. Why should they do that? That was such an easy-going evening.

What am I doing here? I mean.. what am I doing here, where I live, where I work, where people think that it's going to be so cool in a few years, as the economy 'obviously' flows again. "Hey, why don't we buy a Playstation?"
I'm tired. Tired of pretending. It's time to move on.

So, what do You say, Paul? "Before it's too late"?
I guess there is no time for this exclusive "sitting ten years in front of the wall - do it yourself at home" approach...

I took Filbert's advice about not doing long-term commitments, and swept aside all the fancy toys. With an unwavering glare focused on freedom I can close my business in couple of months, sell all the junk and get on board. But, where is the ship? And who is the captain? Swimming in a rowboat to a fro won't get me anywhere. Working three months to buy 25 hours of processing? Well, one would have to LOVE rowing...

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