Destitute and Dying

The natural level of a being is unmistakably out the roof. Nothing can contain it, embrace it or sully it. It remains as it always is and will be. Nothing can ever change that, but there are many 'things' which can become the entertainment in which we 'forget' ourselves. Soon after, we begin dying more and more each day until eventually, as is liable to happen, 'things' occur which begin to pull us out of the waking dream.

We go kicking and screaming.

But who is it that this show is for? Certainly not for the one who can tell the difference between the imaginary world inside our head, and the actual world inside our head. The show is for none other than ourselves. When we fall beneath the roof, there is nothing left but to entertain ourselves in our prison of existence. We made the bed, and now we enjoy the fruits of our actions.

Is this spiritual freedom?

Enjoying the fruits of one's actions should be taken with much grace and joy. Where is the grace and joy in the world of today? Believe it or not, it remains as it has always remained - FULL of the Life which we yearn for and yet can never seem to grasp. Falling on our knees, we beg for release.

Destitute and dying for more, life goes on.

Life goes on until the finality of our mundane existence is shattered.

Sometimes, it's just easier to throw the whole TV out the window.

What are you waiting for?

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