How Do You Tell an OT From a Non-OT?

There is a difference between those who claim to be an 'Operating Thetan' and the state of being OT. There is a world of difference and it doesn't stop there.

Being an 'OT' is not displaying your 'hard-earned' credentials and it is not demonstrating 'supernatural' powers as 'proof' of your embellishment. And it certainly has nothing to do with memorizing books and procedures or voicing allegiance with this or that. These are not 'OT' characteristics but merely an effort at entertainment in creating illusions. My, how pretty some pictures are!

An OT will never make it a point of displaying any type of credential or credentials. They don't have to. An OT will never demonstrate 'supernatural' powers as proof of anything, even in the face of persecution. They don't have to. And an OT has no use for even the smallest amount of written 'knowledge', and they certainly have no need for voicing an alignment with any type of group agreement. They are beyond those things.

Understand this, an actual OT is not a personality or a type of 'being'. All that an OT is, is themselves and the recognition that as themselves, they need not answer to any one or any thing else. They are the highest 'power' there is. They are the knowledge that others are busy 'seeking'. They fully understand that the body that others see as being 'them' is a shallow idea at best and the moment in time where everything seems to be happening, is false and imaginary.

You see, an OT walks beyond the circle of light where most others dare not tread.

An OT is always alone, for there are no others in the sphere of an OT's perception. A grand symphony plays itself, and only the OT hears and understands the beat of Life.

Striving to become an OT is not striving to become something other than what you already are. It is striving to find your way back. You've come this far by yourself and look at where you are.

Isn't it amazing that there are others to help you find your way back?

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