Council Directive

Council Directive as so ordered by ________, Royal Member and Representative of the House of ___________. Fifth and Last House in Good Standing.

Regarding Sector Nine's established 'Free Zone' and the Covenant of Changes;


All unauthorized incursions shall be terminated with prejudice.

All entry into the area will be subject to search and seizure.

There will be no exceptions.

Military alert status delta has been issued for the Sector.

Let this final warning be clearly understood.

Planetary cleanup of renegade individuals will commence beginning with the out-lying regions. This effort, as directed by the Covenant of Changes, has complete support of ALL of the members in Good Standing of the Council.

It is time for our Citizens to come home.

(Station 12 is now the Control Point in Sector 9. All authorized entry must be made through that station.)

As Directed by the Council,


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