Finding The Free Being

Now that the light of day has begun to shine on the 'FreeZone' (contrary to the 'Free Zone'), the question becomes, "How do I find someone who can help me recognize the Free Being that I already am?".

The answer is simple. You.

For those who begin an inner drive for truth, that truth will create the way for you.

There are a lot of people that jump from one auditor to the next. Whatever it takes, it is YOUR road to truth, not someone else's.

Don't ever forget that.

When a Being sets their foot on the path of spiritual knowledge, all sorts of 'strange' things begin to happen. I guarantee it.

What is true for you IS true for you.

There isn't a race on to see who can become a Free Being first, last or anything in between. Time is not the issue and neither are material objects. Recognizing what it really means when you hear the phrase "You are not the body." is a good start. From there, anything is possible.

When you discover that you are not the body you seem to inhabit, you will discover that money and the physical comforts it may bring begin to lack the definition they once had. You will discover that physical pleasure pales in comparison to what lies beyond. You will discover that your bodily existence means nothing other than what you have imagined for yourself.

Beyond that imagination lies a spiritual world vast and fulfilling. If you think that your spiritual seeking has brought you rewards, you haven't seen anything yet. When you enter the vastness you will discover that spiritual truth and knowledge is always, always at your beck and call.

All you have to do to hear that call, is to turn down the noise of life and living. I hear the sound of the silence, do you hear it too?

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