How To Handle Multiple Bodies

It's really very easy to handle or 'own' multiple bodies simultaneously. There is no special 'talent' needed or even any 'secret' knowledge to be initiated to. There is no inner chamber or rite of passage needed to acquire the ability. All that you must do is to full understand your relationship with the body you have now. The rest will take care of itself.

You may be thinking that you already know all about the body you now have. Perhaps you feel that you have an intimate contact and knowledge of your current home. Maybe you even 'know' that you are not your body. Well, those are nice starters.

In order to handle multiple bodies simultaneously, you must first master the one that you woke up and found yourself within one day. And that is the beginnings of an understanding. You feel as if you are 'within' the body.

You might just as well feel that you are 'within' the universe as well because there is really little difference. You have placed yourself in time and localized your location. In other words, you are now 'there'. That's the first mistake. Believing yourself of a location, you look out and wonder, "How do I get over there?", not knowing that you already are.

Handling multiple bodies is exactly no different than handling the one. In the order of magnitude, there really isn't any. That sounds strange, doesn't it. Handling multiple bodies simultaneously is no different than handling the one.

The trick is fully realizing the concept of the one, and that is where the real work comes in. In order to realize body independence, there must first be achieved a self-independence. Self awareness is a start on the road of knowledge.

Sometimes, even the understanding of self awareness is not fully realized. When that occurs you get things like ego trips and 'personality' clashes. Those things are far, far removed from self awareness.

In order to understand and fully realize your self awareness it's common etiquette to begin a path of self exploration and discovery. Laying a road before you, you begin to force yourself to look at yourself. Believe it or not, it's been a long time coming.

Handling multiple bodies simultaneously is no trick of the imagination or illusionist's dream. It happens. You just may come to be surprised at the frequency of it's occurrence once you begin to leave the idea of being the body behind.

For the fully self aware being, there are no rules.

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