Choosing The Rite Of Passage

Guerilla warfare is taking place on captured soil. We have the black hats and we have the white hats each playing out roles which both know how will end. Isn't it interesting that the games continue in light of that knowledge?

It is but one of the aspects of spiritual knowledge at work. There are greater games going on than just the ones in our own backyard.

Looking past the obvious the obvious becomes clear. It's not what we see but what we see AND understand. Seeing a clone in front of you, most likely all that you will see is the exterior shell defining the 'owner' of the face in front of you. But if know that you are not a body, then no-body can ever fool you with the exterior dressing.

There are clones who walk among us. And if that idea is difficult to confront, you wouldn't want to even glimpse at the numbers of aliens that walk among us, completely undetected by most of the planet's population.

There are those who 'know' what is occurring, and there are those who wish to contain that knowledge to the 'select' few.

Bodies are not the target of concern. They are the tools of the trade.

Secret societies abound on this beautiful oasis in the desert. It is an oasis because there are so many who come here to be filled with that which they are lacking. Is it fun to think of yourself as food?

Sucking the life out of those around them, the trick is making the prey think that a good deed is being done to them. With sleepfull eyes, believability works best.

There are no races, come to free man from his own self created turmoil. Before the toddler walks, it must come to realize that there is walking to be had.

This planet remains a wonder of beauty and runs much further than skin deep. This Jewel of Knowledge bestows what it is that you seek - Freedom.

It doesn't take bodily rewards given in sex, money or power over other bodies to understand what should be understood. There are no prison walls to be scaled other than the ones which you have so long imagined to be real.

Exploring new worlds through imagination does nothing to remove the barricade you have squarely placed before you. Not confronting where it is that you really are will only result in imaginary delights that are delusionally shared among the 'inmates'.

You are free. Will you continue to miss the beauty of Life around you as you match wits with your own imagination? Hopefully not, for when the thoughts stop, it is at that moment you become free to SEE and to UNDERSTAND exactly what it is that you have surrounded yourself with.

It has been said that a Being can go mad in solitary confinement. There is no such thing. Confinement refers to your own desire and wish to not be what you already are. That is the only confinement there is. You, yourself are your worst prison guard, warden and executioner.

When you stop punishing yourself, there is no one left to punish or be punished. When a body appears in front of you, you will then see what there is to see, not what is imagined. When you walk out from behind the gates of your own creation, you will see the enormous delight of the Freedom to be had. Isn't it amazing that it has been there all this time?

Isn't it amazing that you chose me to tell you about it?

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