Who said What!?

There is always a 'who', and there always seems to be a 'why'. Behind the appearances, much can be divined from taking a step back and looking afresh at the way things REALLY are. Not seeing things with expectation or desire, but noticing the environment as if for the very first time. Amazing things begin to happen occur when this is done.

Time stands still and reality begins to be seen. Not the dreamy reality of a 'television-like' mentality so prevalent on this planet, but the reality that most people just can't quite seem to grasp. Of course, what IS could never be grasped. Beyond the blue screen of death, knowing begins.

In that knowingness, existence becomes something beyond which the body cannot go. Captured by imagination,the dreamer dreams of other things.

In the FZA Archives, you will find an enormous amount of chaotic and confused messages that were bantered about. You will also find a certain amount of messages that have enormous value. Separating the wheat from the chaff takes a particular type of person. Most people just want their human existence to be comfortable and rewarding. The bad news is that it will never be either one of those, for on the death bed of ignorance, it all falls away.

What never falls away is self discovery.

Don't you just hate it when you lose your keys?

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