All In The Right Places

Capturing our moments in time, we paste them onto our book of memories and proudly display our 'knowledge' of the past. Escaping ourselves, we become what we see.

In time, we seek more time in which to expand our interest and interests. Going here and there, we busy ourselves seeking the elusive prey. Who or what is it that we yearn for?

Walking the tightrope of life, we give ourselves little chance of mistakes. Isn't this fun!?

Falling, we pick ourselves up, once again, and continue, intent on the future and our place within it. Immersed, we feel safe and secure collecting and collecting some more. When we have had our fill, we perish and do it all again, just for the 'fun' of it. Dizzily, we play out mind numbing experiences in the hopes that our death will be delayed. The future must not come.

Looking past the nose of destruction we take flight. No longer are we what we were and then even that becomes but forgotten lore. Convincing ourselves of anything, we become the convinced.

There is only one way to pierce the veil of 'innocence' and that is to stop pulling the wool over your eyes. You cannot see when all that you see is not you.

In an 'exterior' universe there is no 'interior' knowledge.

Just remember that when playing with fire, sooner or later you will get burnt. In order to 'have' knowledge you don't 'gain' it, you simply recognize the truth within.

Sometimes, it's just a matter of setting up house in the right pace.

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