Sharks In The Water

Awakening from one state and into another, by whatever means we use to justify it to ourselves, is nothing but one more step on the ladder of illusion called our own universe. You see, we have no universe to begin with other than the one we imagine for ourselves. Some call this a viewpoint from which to view and others call it thinking, either way it’s an imaginary journey down an imaginary road.

Reality is beyond conception and so in trying to hold onto it, we become that much more entangled in our own web of deceit. Trying as we do, all that is accomplished is further fixation in our solution of survival. Survival of what? Survival of our imagination? What else is there to survive than the viewpoint we so lovingly embrace?

If that’s not being stuck on a viewpoint, then there is no such thing.

Of course, there is no such thing anyway, but that doesn’t stop us from taking our full due from the rest of the pack of viewpoints we so cleverly foment. Trickery and deceit lie firmly and finally with ourselves. Wholly and completely. There is no other answer out there and no matter how hard we try to shun our responsibility, life seems to continuously remind us of it day in and day out. Living can be hell can it not?

Breaking free of ourselves, breaking free of our viewpoints takes an ability of astounding proportions - at least in appearance, anyway. As we hold these viewpoints in the utmost regard, we challenge all comers quite seriously, defending to the end our right and rights to whatever it is that we have attached to our selves at the moment. It seems that our cleverness never ceases to amaze us.

Diving into our universe, we come up with exactly what it is that we immersed ourselves for and no matter the obstacles which we place before us, we relish each and every opportunity to out do ourselves. Our pride and skill know no bounds because we are both the bounds and the bounded.

Looking out into the oasis called life, we see ourselves in the most finest dress. Firmly detached we pretend that our environment has nothing to do with ourselves. The universe is at our beck and call because as the Masters of it All, we rule - completely. With a viewpoint like that is it any wonder that our thoughts continue to run away with ourselves.

Viewpoints can and do become sentient.

If that goes beyond credibility, try reversing the viewpoint you have now - for real. Most likely you will be fully fixated in the one that you are in now. So much so that you will have made your self unable to change. Wishing or imagining it don’t count.

Those viewpoints… They can be a killer.

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