Turning A Blind Eye

Keeping one's eye on the prize requires that we pay no attention at all to those who wish to hinder us in our efforts. There are always a few who seek destruction and attach themselves to others in order to carry out their dirty work but that attachment can only come about by one's own wishes. Further, when something negative comes one's way it doesn't mean that we are of poor heart, rather it is a means to intensify our resolve to reach the prize and that prize, of course, is Spiritual Freedom. What other prize could there be for a sane being.

As we progress in our efforts we should not fall prey to experience as experience is simply a collection of images and such from the past. The past cannot and never will provide us with our prize. The past is dead, let it go.

But today, we are alive and in this moment the universe beckons us to know of ourselves. But when we strive to live life to it's fullest, to gain all the experience we can, we are simply delaying the inevitable. So why wait for some future time in which to become free? When we settle our attention on becoming we lose the moment to the past and so off we go, to search for it.

Perhaps the approach is wrong. Would it not be better to lavish one's attention upon what is here, right now? It's the only place where everything happens. Anything else is just a figment of our imagination.

We can imagine states of existence for ourselves but what good does that do but entertain us and keep us busy from our real work.

One must be quite serious in one's efforts or it all goes out the window. Life is wondrous in it's nature and awe inspiring in it's remarkable beauty. Life has no care for the past nor the future but sadly, man deems otherwise. When one actually perceives the intertwining of Life, the depths with which it is in harmony with Itself, it goes beyond awe inspiring and reaches into the Spiritual Freedom we all seek. Isn't it funny that with all of our props and gizmos man is so far from Freedom it is beyond being funny.

You can't get there from here, you can only get here from here. All we need is already at our disposal and no matter how candy coated it's form, we still reject it's purpose. For some, spiritual freedom is neither wanted nor desired. So be it. But for those of keen interest there is no denial and hence it is not denied and so Spiritual Freedom goes from there to here where it remains ever more.

When we get beyond the concept we embrace reality. When we get beyond ourselves, we reach our very nature and it is that nature which demonstrates itself in all you see. Why turn a blind eye to it?

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