Bodily Confusion

Confusing ourselves with the body, we tend to let physicality dominate our lives and our loves. Once we subvert our nature our efforts come to be directed toward leading a comfortable and safe life. We must care and attend to the body and it's needs or else feel the pain of neglect. Often, we feel the pain anyway, but fooling ourselves was never considered to be a sign of high intelligence.

The closer we hold onto the body, the harder we defend it. Almost the entirety of this planet's inhabitants succumb to it and so leaving it behind is no laughing matter. No laughing matter at all.

It's not funny when we fall down the stairs. It's quite painful when our flesh becomes dis-eased. Hunger motivates us and the mating desire consumes us. Instead of the body being a beast of burden, we have become the beast. Engaged in humanity's lust for all things physical we are constantly bombarded with images and messages of something new and unexperienced. Isn't that what life is all about, to feel, to sense, to touch and to imagine?

Isn't it strange that the marketing of the Scientology philosophy involves such things as "getting better" at one thing or another. "Becoming more able" is another and both of these schemes involve the body as the dominate topic. Body-centric. The spiritual being comes as a distant second.

And so as we go about our "spiritual" business we continue to dine out and get all the latest electronic gizmos. We continue our quest for the bigger house in a "better" part of town. We fervently strive for accumulated wealth in our bank accounts "just in case". We read all the latest magazines telling us how it is that we must live our lives and we engross ourselves in news reporting, knowing that our survival depends upon correct and timely information. What folly!

All of these desperate measures to escape ourselves does nothing but to delay the inevitable. We can certainly run far and wide, but our skill at hiding is severely lacking.

The vessel is not the thing and if you only concentrate upon the container you might as well be looking into the mirror for all eternity. And that is exactly what most people are doing. Busying themselves with images of themselves.

You are neither the thought nor the idea of who or what you are as these things are the results of your movement.

When consciousness moves, action takes place.

All else is just folly.

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