With Abilities Gained

Gaining is like experiencing, both are simply a matter of collecting. Whether one collects thoughts or bottle caps it makes no difference as both rely upon the one who creates and in that creation reality sings. But is this the reality that one actually wishes for? Typically not as the repercussions always seem to bring disappointment. When things don't work out as we have planned we become despondent that our supreme god-like image of ourselves has not reached fruition. Unfortunately, it never will.

In creation, we become the created therefore all we envision is nothing but ourselves both internally and externally. When, then, do we rely upon the concept of gaining abilities? Is there some specific ability which we are after or is it that we just want to rule the universe and be done with it?

It's a strange twist that when we create we relinquish our responsibilities. As we see the world, so it shall be. And in the seeing we completely miss the one who does the seeing. Relying upon others to do our biding, we move away from our selves and move closer to irresponsibility. Who, exactly, is in charge anyway?

The giving up of ourselves can only lead to domination, not freedom of expression, but control. When we are the tools hanging on someone's belt, we deserve our fate of subservience and through that devotion we seek out new worlds to explore in order to come up with the answer.

We are the answer and the question.

Devotion through preconceived notions is not devotion at all but merely opportunity in which to lose ourselves and to gain those things which we have deemed as being valuable to us. Bartering our reality, we just create more of it.

All we need do is simply to step out of it all for once and for ever. Some things do indeed last forever.

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