Freeing The Beast

The human animal shares many points of similarity with the animal kingdom and despite the differences of mind those similarities remain as ever. In man's quest of dominance of and through the mind no good can come of it for obvious reasons. Fighting a losing battle we come to believe in ourselves and so come away carried away on flights of fancy. Where are we going but further away from our source?

Running can be good exercise but who is it that runs and to what end? A healthy body bodes well for the student of discipline but beyond this health of what matter is it to the one who can distinguish between their self and the running man. Coming apart at the seams we tend to carry the weight of the ages and seek change but nothing changes in this game called life. Living short lived lives we yearn for a future promised. Grazing in the fields of experience we make it all worthwhile, or so we tell ourselves over and over again.

Science, no matter the form, can only create promises for our future and as we live the comfortable life completely renege our rights and responsibilities. Tearing the Earth apart, we seek the solace which we continuously deny to ourselves over and over again. If the way out is the way through then what can that exactly mean? Must we continue to play games with ourselves. Is life really just another game to play?

If we yearn and earn the right to play games as we so choose then experience, of course, rules the day. Spiritual freedom is neither a game of experience nor a right of passage. How is it that we listen so closely to the words of mortals in their ever quest of freedom.

Freedom cannot be had while one is seeking it.

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