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A Fancifull Tale

If birds sing does a tree fall in the forest. Hearing the silence of nothing we tend to create something, anything. But why the compulsive urge to fill in the ‘gaps’? To what ends are we rushing to when we fill our time and times with… 02 May 2020

The Force of Change II

All civilizations come and go. There is just no way around this clearly defined and explicit rule of Man and in each incarnation civilization provides for specific nodes of meaning. For each there is a reason - for both group and individual…. 06 Jan 2012

The Man In The Mirror

‘Man’ is not being referred to here as that over uni-sexed version world dominion lovers embrace. There are two different spellings of ‘man’, one with a capital ‘M’ and one with a small ‘m’. The small ‘m’ version represents man-kind and is all… 20 Oct 2010

Bounded By Fear

As an emotional state fear provides us with an enormous amount of experiential delight. It’s strong scent of character entices us ever onward into the deep dark depths of obscurity. Running away from the light we fervently seek out the confines… 11 Feb 2010

The Roar of the Lion

Intelligence, knowledge and wisdom. These three kings bear many gifts, each to their own. Amazingly enough, not many really understand what these three are so here is a bit of an allegory to help explain. Primitive Man necessitated the… 04 Feb 2010

Where Do We Go From Here?

Here is where I am, demonstrating life in existence rooted in an immortal and unchangeable basis which defies the mind’s attribution of objectivity. Where no object occurs what then becomes of the usefulness of the simple machinations of… 14 Nov 2008

Pictures of the Beast

Unfortunately for show biz, there will be very little in the way of entertaining content here on this web site. Lovely pictures to induce one to imagine lovely thoughts and feelings will not be found here. Musical notes to send one to faraway… 08 Feb 2007

Freeing The Beast

The human animal shares many points of similarity with the animal kingdom and despite the differences of mind those similarities remain as ever. In man’s quest of dominance of and through the mind no good can come of it for obvious reasons…. 09 May 2005

Feeding The Beast, We Are Consumed

What is it that makes us continue, day after day, using the same methodology of seeking answers and solutions to all of our problems? What is it that prevents us from actually putting an end to our problems once and for all? Taking a step back… 22 Jul 2004

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