Where Do We Go From Here?

Here is where I am, demonstrating life in existence rooted in an immortal and unchangeable basis which defies the mind's attribution of objectivity. Where no object occurs what then becomes of the usefulness of the simple machinations of thought processes and procedures. 'Simple' as in the understanding of it's purpose. 'Far from simple' being the eye of the tornado of fancy and delight.

All things take root from our basis of being. All flights of fancy require the expression and consumption of the movement of thought. But what is thought? From where do thoughts originate? Who exactly is the spectator of the ebb and flow of thought?

Many questions can be raised in the context of thought and yet all will ultimately reach failure in fruition. Watching a movie on the big screen does little to realize that the screen is nothing but the backdrop of projected images, images which assist one to nurture an illusion of reality while providing a means to escape it. What folly!

Our basis of existence requires no beingness.

Yes, there is no basis for beingness.

Such conundrums leave little to the mind's exuberance in running the hamster wheel of life and living. Busy, busy, busy.

While we tend to firmly believe and hold tight to our favorite beliefs we embrace much more than just empty space, we provide testament to the strength of beingness. Because we are, all is.

Who in their right mind would take that away from us?

The truth of the matter is that 'right mind' is merely just another ploy in our fervent desire to be. The strength and conviction of beingness far surpasses the strength and conviction of all else.

Getting over ourselves is something few of us contemplate nor even provide for in our busy lives of running the Great Wheel. Running, we make great progress because our beingness tells us so.

Yes, the pot calls the kettle black and ever remains confident.

Beingess requires the urge of survival and this urge propels us into the far reaches of space. We must seek out and provide dominion. Are we not the Children of God?

Looking in the mirror we bow with reverence and great honor. We are the best thing that has ever happened to us. Our esteemed nature requires acknowledgement and we gleefully compel all to like-wise honor such noble endeavors.

Who are we really fooling?

As we look in the mirror of life and living we smile back and proclaim how beautiful we really are. What a great pleasure it is to be such a grand and glorious being!

The Beast takes many forms and many roads. It's appearance changes as a chameleon to suit it's environment but through whatever effort employed it's ugly head remains true to form. Is it any wonder that fashion is always in fashion? Is it any wonder that the social veneer of life and living is treated with such great reverence?

To lift the veil we must kill the Beast.

It's easy to be one thing or another but where is the proclivity to do away with childish pursuits in the name of recognition, the recognition that we are what we are in complete disregard to the social interaction of being.

The Emperor has no clothes and never did.

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