Blinded By Being Blind

Blindness occurs in nature but is it really unnatural to not be blind? In balance existence comes to be experienced for if it were not so we would be experiencing nothing but ourselves and to a great degree this does indeed stand. In seeing we take comfort for that is the purpose of sight - to see.

Now that I have thoroughly mixed up the physical and spiritual forms of sight perhaps balance can be brought to bear in this as well.

We see the world through our eyes and take for granted our own existence, our own concept of how things should be. This viewpoint of inner turmoil is one fraught with dangers and it is to these dangers to which we keep a sharp eye, a sharp look out. You see, we are perpetually pacing the lookout tower peering into the darkness of our making in order to achieve the light of understanding. From darkness we move to the light and from the light we come to understand that darkness is but the basis of light. In this circuitous and most perplexing hamster wheel of life and living we come to fully embrace the experience of one thing or another.

True to form we find religion in order to justify the movement of mind. True to form we find a certain type of happiness in the material nature of our world in order to justify the movement of mind. In motion we find being and so we scatter upon the winds of change. Ever changing, we fine tune our characteristics in pleasure and pain taking comfort in the fact of our existence. Who can argue justly that we are not but fallen comrades in a common plight of pure fantasy.

Replacing one idea with another we gorge ourselves upon the flesh of life and take away a sense of great accomplishment. We live! But in so doing, in empowering thoughts, ideas and concepts we relinquish all faith in the divine and come to seek rapture in our own little corner of the universe. We are what we are and have no compunction whatsoever in letting all know of it. In fact, we come to take great pleasure in ensuring that others know of it and more importantly, acknowledge it's existence. Our being does so love company that we gladly and gratefully acknowledgement the same in others. Perpetuating the fraud of nature, is it any wonder that we come to soil our own nest.

Lifting the veil of darkness we come to inquire about the bounds of our perception. What lies beyond? What more is there that cannot currently be seen? What greater attainments are to be found beyond our now acknowledged limited scope of awareness?

There is always more is there not?

Waking up to our blindness we endeavor to release the binds of further blindness. Since it is true that our insight has gained significance it must also be true that further insight will grant us even greater significance. In the movement of mind we fail to see that we are just chasing a different version of our tail. Round and round we go and where we will stop only one can know.

Removing the blinders from our eyes does not mean that we gain all that our imagination tells us. Reasoning is all well and good but when push comes to shove there is no such thing. Thought requires concept which is mind-food. Feed it and it becomes the ravenous wolf at your door. Whether one lets it in the door or not it's presence is already established. The game then becomes of what to do with it. But that is a wrong computation.

Sometimes, the worst thing one can imagine lies just beneath one's bed. In the night of quiet darkness stirs, beckoning to the courageous to face the demons of one's own making.

To make it all go away we simply close our eyes.

And so the spiritual nature of Man becomes blind to the divine nature of us all.

It can be a frightening experience to face the consequence of turning one's back upon the Creator, of following the path of being instead of living in the Heart of one's own existence. The pain of life and living is nothing but the playing out of walking away from our true place in the Universe. The harder one may run, the more painful the experience.

Doesn't that tell you something?

You can run, but you can't hide. Like a horse with blinders, one can attempt to block out the unwanted, but that doesn't mean that it isn't there anyway. It's always there just the same.

It's the same light at the end of the tunnel as which spawns one's own personal version of the material world. From life we give up life but what really matters is how one conducts themselves in the in-between time, in the dream time which is given to us in order to turn back our clock of forget-fullness. Not to restore sight but to be who and what we really are in full and complete awareness.

Why not make it enjoyable for everyone, for all your relations.

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