Time Flies, But Does It Ever Get Tired?

Time is running out!

You've heard it all before. Limitation, lack and just plain 'ol destitution. No time for this, no time for that and especially no time for doing what is right. Busy, busy, busy... It makes the mind spin and spin just thinking about the deficit of our time at hand. It's a good thing that someone planned ahead and thought this through when they came up with the idea of multiple lives, of living and experiencing over and over again that which we just can't seem to get right. I suppose that the easy answer is to simply do what is right the first time and be done with it but it seems that the multitudes prefer instead to live life to it's fullest, to grab it by it's horns and hang on for a wonderful and thrilling ride. Can Disneyland get any better than that!?

Showmanship is a great way to attract attention so that everyone can readily see just how inconceivably shallow we really are. Isn't that what the limelight is really for anyway? Worshipping the gods of our imagination we want to become just like them and come to say and do anything in order to get what we want.

Running in circles we nurture desire and in so doing run full steam ahead in order to complete our contract of attainment. Laboring hard and long we easily justify our actions as we ignore the downtrodden. Money is god and god is that no good bastard who still hasn't given us what we want. The devil may care but what about god? Useless things get tossed while our fancy car gets a shine. Nothing seems to make sense anymore so we take relish in the fact that Capitalism is the best route to acquisition, to getting what we want. And our list of 'wants' is indeed very, very long.

There just isn't enough time to do all the things that we want. No time to climb the highest mountain nor swim the deepest depths despite the fact that our own personal reality has devolved into a roller coaster ride through hell and beyond. Up and down, up and down and as we swing through the jungle of twisted vines we eventually come to realize that perhaps we might have taken a wrong turn at the pit of despair. Didn't the sign back there say "Just keep going, you are almost there!"

Some people have more than enough time on their hands as they sit on them trying to figure out the world in their boredom - all during commercial breaks as they stare at the television in utter hypnotic reverie. Surely there is more meaning to life than just watching one's life pass before their very eyes. Do we not participate so that we may enjoy the fruits of our sorrow?

Time is everywhere and the constant reminder of such. Figuring, calculating and enduring the pauses we await the opportunity of sensory enrichment. A mind is a terrible thing to waste is it not?

Captivated in the stream of time our imagination flies in every direction seeking a target of delight. We are the Borg, seeking new life, new frontiers so that we may live.

Soon enough our time runs out as we hit the coffin stiff and secure in the knowledge that it is our time to go. Since our lifetime is limited in scope and breath why not start again, why not do it all over again pretending to be someone else. Disguising ourselves we knock on the door of eternity seeking asylum. Stepping through the door of experience we gain more time to fulfill our destiny but all that we really get is another tick mark on our list of things to do while in the physical universe. Though we tend to not look ahead the list just goes on and on. Any sane person would take one look at that 'Honey-Do' list and laugh at the absurdity of it.

But that is what 'trying times' is all about is it not? The urge to create sanity where none exists. The urge to create peace where everyone else is running not just for their lives but just plain running scared. Sometimes any direction, any action will do. Consider the alternatives.

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