The Killing Fields

It's called planet 'Earth', home to the rich and fabulous, beggar to the god of Capitalism. The 'economy' is such a hot topic in materialism since it's heart and soul lies in climbing up the food chain with a fist full of dollars in order to declare in resonance, "I win!". Unfortunately, winning isn't everything - by any sane moral standard.

Declaring martial law is just another rung on the ladder to great heights from which the fallen will gleefully delight in falling even further. Where one consumes in order to escape the depths of hell one becomes contracted to the eventual return. The problem is not in escaping the depths of perversion but more of intelligently and objectively looking into one's own purpose and plan or state of being.

Just because the road is paved with idiots doesn't mean that we must become one in order to pass safely. There is no safety in numbers when it comes to Houses of Ill-Repute. Living the lie, we may line our pockets but sooner or later the Scales of Justice come to the fore.

Perhaps the only way off the pendulum is to not be a part of it.

When the killing starts, which it already has, it comes to be the time for survival. Not survival as one of the zombies walking the streets looking for Capitalistic substances to suckle upon but of a spiritual being ensuring it's optimum perpetuity by not becoming part of the problem, only it's solution. There is no solution in ideological love-making, of fanciful thoughts, ideas and concepts but there is a solution in doing what is right, in doing that which must be done not according to our pitiful needs and wants but according to the harmonistic tendencies of our very nature.

Bringing balance to bear is left up to those whose balance is already extant and in order to ensure that one becomes part and parcel of such endeavors one must take to heart the balance which must be brought to bear. In cleansing the physical construct the spiritual regains it's place in physicality. Though even this is not where it is at, it's better than flinging that which is best left unsaid in the sceptic tank of this economic 'downturn'.

It's funny that the term 'downturn' is used to describe that which is left over after all the pilfering has been accomplished. Once the demagogues have filled their bellies upon the people's trough it's time to publicly account for the herd's unease.

"It's just business, nothing personal."

Sucking the life out of a spiritual being is impossible but much can be drained away. The way to do that is to trick the being into giving it away as if it has scarcity and value. Let me be the first, perhaps, to tell you that as a spiritual being you have unlimited energy. It is neither scarce nor of 'value'.

Marketing, of any type, is merely propaganda employed in order to convince those of poor strength and courage to 'give up' that which has 'value' and in so doing, have none for themselves.

It's just not true.

What you freely give up is neither gone, of value, nor 'scarce'.

But that is of a spirituality which has been ingrained in this so-called 'modern' society to be of little 'value'. Hah!

What money changers fear most is the loss of value of their own created scarcity.

One does not need a fist-full of dollars to be rich especially in light of the fact the those 'dollars' are nothing but a confidence scam - confidence that in scarcity one might attain. For the one whose foundation does not rest upon scarcity there is no rich or poor but of only doing what is right. What a concept!

What ails this Killing Field lies not upon the apparentcies of action and inaction but upon Man's notion that greed, lust and desire reign supreme and that all of Man's movement must be thus aligned. What folly! What narcissistic day dreaming!

The only way off the battlefield is to not become part of it, to do that which is just and true despite one's own fears to the contrary. And if one has any doubts about what is just and true then it is to that same degree that one is in the midst, or being part and parcel, of the Killing Fields.

Doing what is right is not a mental self-fulfilling prophecy of creation but of following one's Heart, one's true purpose and plan to bring about Heaven on Earth.

Do we not all secretly wish for it anyway?

This cannot be accomplished through usury based upon scarcity but upon inner harmony through which we come to find that we are all our relations.

Will the last one off the Fields please leave a plaque to remind those who wish for more of the same to henceforth avoid such silly notions.

Like all good plans no movement occurs without purpose and plan and though we may be required to endure trials and tribulations one's convictions, one's faith and courage must remain undisturbed.

The way out is the way through.

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