The McClaughry's Memorial

Recently someone made mention something about this website becoming a memorable to Mike and Virginia McClaughry. What a great idea! Therefore, I am going to suspend all further communication until this has been accomplished. Before beginning I have something to finish up and then I will move on to this endeavor. Please be aware that this memorial is not for the dead, dying or fading away, it is for two grand thetans who are something quite special to me. Anyway, please stay tuned.

The reference was made by my wife who at the time was acting quite anti-Scientology and anti-McClaughry like. This is not a new experience for her but for me that is not the issue. The memorial idea was a good way to handle this episode, but there was something else needed. That something else became

The domain was left to expire by Mike McClaughry and so I picked it up with the intent to get that work publicly continued. If you go to the website now you can see the beginning of that intent. It makes for a nice purpose and plan but in reality this will in all probability be let go. I will not solely carry forward this work because with this, my job is one of assistance not of carrying the banner into a battle of not my own choosing. I have enough other work already underway, thank you very much.

I will perhaps leave the website as is for a time or perhaps not. This should be cleared up shortly. Also, Free Zone America will undergo another change in status as in "Who cares.".

I love change and I love progress - especially in others when their awareness jumps a notch or two, or three. It is to this jump that the websites I maintain are around at all. But that is only a very small portion of what goes on.

But don't worry, there is more than enough to go around. :-)

04 Sep 2008

The Results Are In

Well the results are in; tabulated, summarized and inspected. Things always have a way of working themselves out and revealing that which is meant to be revealed - if one pays close enough attention. I do and have.

So there you have it. I'll continue as I have always continued as obviously, nothing has changed. But the important thing is that much has changed. It's just a matter of perspective or viewpoint from which one views.

Just don't get caught in the backlash of your own views.

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