Searching For El Dorado

"There's gold in them thar hills!"

Searching for the lost city of gold keeps many a Man busy. The ultimate achievement, the par excellence is to be sniffed out and grasped with glee shown to the world for it to be what it is - perfection! In this perfection we ourselves become thrown into the limelight and stand there with that look upon our face. In the ring of entertainment we become the spotlight backing in our self proclaimed glory. We are king!

But this shallow victory always comes to a close and we set yet again upon the road of conquest, of fame, glory and perpetuity. On and on the hamster wheel of death and destruction spins. Is it any wonder that we expend huge amounts of energy to get where it is that we think we should be?

Watching the mouse hunt down the cheese in the maze called the world certainly can be entertainment, but don't try to tell the mouse that!

All that our minds can conjure is but food for the intellect, to be ingested, digested and acted upon. Are we no better than this? Do we not contain the ability to see beyond our own nose? Or are we so narcissistically involved that we always take the opportunity to pose before the mirror of life and living? "Look at me, am I not marvelous!"

One cannot search for one's self as there is not an 'other' to search for, to corner and grab ahold of. We are what we are in spite of the fact of our refusal to give way. Grasping the appearance we hold tight and cry victory but in coming to terms with the spoils of war we find that it all has slipped through our fingers. Our clench of creation always comes up short.

For those who wish to seek, there is no finding until the urge has burned itself out. In the heat of the moment we lose ourselves and once again undertake the game of hide and seek. "Where oh where can I be?"

You can be here. Right now and forever more.

Where ever the search leads you is not where you want to be.

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