Let The Good Times Roll

Starvation, the high price of materialism, job depletion, political emptiness, the list just goes on and on. Where will it ever end? Where will the disconcerting opportunists go when they no longer have such a hold over the walking dead? Where will the religionists go, the unblinking eye of deception turn to when the field becomes bare and barren? The end times are already upon us and there is no going back.

Looking ahead to a future where the criminally insane rejoice in their freedom to be let loose upon the land the politically inclined gladly carry the torch to be used in decimating the sheep. In so devouring the cattle's flesh, brutality is but another word for supper.

If these times of ill repute seem despicable and unjust, so be it as reality is never something truly embraced by the fear-full. Satiation requires feeding upon the souls, lost and lonely, destitute and dying. Age-old relics of the past tend to be put out to pasture to live and die as seen fit by the power-crazed zealots intent in their lust for domination, control and overwhelming darkness of night. Turning the page of history yet another chapter comes to a close repeating the last. Where the wolves continue to learn devious new ways to out-fox the prey, the sheep simply select another candidate, another symbol to offer to the gods in the hope that hope will be full-filled this time.

By any stretch of the imagination Man has come to learn much and yet retains little. What pleasure is there to be gained in repeating patterns of pain and suffering? How many times is enough where one comes to realize that the way ahead, trod by innumerable slaughter-house-ready cattle, is one of ill-repute, of feeding the insatiable appetite of those whose existence depends upon dark and unseemly ways. Is this what Man has been created for? Is this prophecy to be bought and paid for by the ones who succumb to it's principals?

Hawking the wares of death and destruction creates the black hole from which none escape. Coming face-to-face with our own convictions requires that we leave behind the fanciful notions of adolescence. Man's maturity rests upon Man, not upon some imagined outside influence. One's destiny, individually or otherwise, lies completely within the realm of one's own dominion.

Who in their right mind would conjure such dark and dreary times as these? Who in their right mind would lend their own power to such traitorous pursuits? What sane person would allow another to destroy another? Through silence or contribution it matters not when the results create a world where the living seek death with the conviction that another life, another time and place are to be had for a prosperous and joy-full embrace.

The bad news is that the Garden of Eden has already been duly given the same rights and privileges as that of our own tormented state. It's decay is unmistakable and despite the notion of idealistic overtures parasitic rot and decay are quite self-evident. All the marketing hype in the universe cannot take that away, it can only attempt to diminish it's importance upon each and every one of us. Make no mistake, it's importance is far, far greater than is announced by the agents of destruction.

The good news is that freedom of choice continues to be the basis of our existence. Though this foundational principal of existence is marketed as old and obsolete, the fear-full remain unconvinced as well they should know. The power of choice is no match for those who wish to have their way let loose upon the lands, upon the fields of the Garden.

In creating our little hell on Earth we forget that we already are in the Garden of life. We become so busy 'improving" it, making it 'better', that there is little time for peace and understanding - especially understand the peace that is.

You can always tell those who have succumbed to their own private hell by their actions. They are the ones who are busy out in the streets 'enforcing' doctrine, any doctrine. They are the ones who find fault where-ever they look, where 'improvement' could be had and is attained through the weight and pressure of physical assault - or any other means. Fear is a prime motivator for those who already live in it and yet refuse to acknowledge it's pull upon their well being. What better way to rid one's self of fear than to give it to another in the hopes that it can be gotten rid of? Cruelty is, of course, a matter of course as nothing comes to be out of the realm of desperation.

Letting the good times rolls means that the scale of justice can swing either way - to spiritual freedom or to captivation and control.

Who in their right mind would embrace a slavery in which they themselves are the captured, abused and tormented prey?

Who in their right mind would accept any type of slavery?

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