Conflict ala Tribalization

Regionally, the Earth has been carved, divided and continues to be plundered by the various scheming drug lords. Not the so-called 'illegal' drugs, but a drug lord of a different flavor. Perception is the grand design of illusion and as it makes it's merry way among the populous, confused, fear and retaliation is served up on a hearty platter of home-made delicacies. The wise man plunders with agreement while the foolish thief takes on the "smash and grab" garb of elitism. In either case, a thief remains the same - the epitome of selfish desire gone rabid in it's efficacy. Trembling in fear the cry is heard: "LOOK, over there!".

This planet is a wealth of information in many respects.

Rising above the wanton destruction of insanity the processes in play are quite apparent. the illusion of ill-repute is perpetuated through trickery and deceit and when these honors fail to find a home in one's being, then there is no trickery and deceit - only an obvious reality playing itself out.

In running out suicidal tendencies, especially on a large dynamic scale, one must be in a condition of self awareness whereby these acquired characteristics or traits of competitive human-ness are non-existent. One cannot provide the means of rising above these while being at their mercy. This would be a false sense of security and be but another ruse on the scale of snake-oil deception and prosperity.

There is only way, one route out and this route is the most painful, filled with trials and tribulations of every sort and then some. Whatever one can imagine as being in the way of full awareness is real and has existence. In the game of survival all is suspect and so we take on every imaginable trait, idea, concept, anything and everything that we can dream up in order to capture the flag called "winning". In our creation of hinderances we provide goals and find the means of achievement. In so doing, these very same hinderances must be met full on, face-to-face. Our worst enemy is, as always, we ourselves.

But there is another way. There is another way through the mine field of our own self-created hell. But in order to find it one must first begin to 'look' for it. Directed attention requires an awareness of keen sight and insight.

One road leads to hell and another to heaven, but all roads lead to Rome. In this metaphorical drama our own sense of creation tends to get in the way of perceiving a reality upon they all rest and the door to understanding can only be opened by you and you alone.

Looking everywhere else for it is like the thief pointing a finger and saying "LOOK, over there!".

We are every unkind word, every tortuous moment, every turmoil and tribulation encountered. How else are we able to relate to them? We are also every kind word, every joyous moment, every tranquility and peace. We are just as able to relate to these in the same vein. We can stake ourselves to small or large gatherings of like-minded souls and go on a rampage of gold and glory or we can just as easily remain at complete serenity and peace, enduring and ensuring a calm and peaceful existence just by being.

We set the stage and act out our desires through whatever road we take through life and living. But the real question becomes: where are you going?

What happens when our egotistical chains become broken? What happens when we no longer find security and safety in our little corner of the universe? What happens when we come face-to-face with the depth and breath of our fears - of the fears of our own making?

Fear is a pain-full and force-full weapon of assured destruction - but it's power rests completely and wholly upon our agreement. When we agree to be so bound, we come to embrace the chains of our own unhappiness. In our unhappiness we seek release through conflict, through the distance of separation, of being separate. Ultimately, the totality of our reality becomes introversion and mind-fullness - a mind completely encumbered by thoughts, ideas and concepts.

Going after the cheese, the money changers relish in their victory, as you turn another corner in your life as so directed.

Fear is not mind-numbing but simply a ruse to get one's thoughts and attention directed inwardly on the dark and dreary. What better bars for the prison than the one of our own making?

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