Break Dancing

Stifling dissent we tend to create conformity. Comfort comes to be defined in light of common bonds, of a shared mentality where nothing is feared or fear-full - where nothing is amiss in our sense of ‘ordinary’. To be at odds is to be in danger and so we place a condition of Danger upon those who pull us away from our comfort zone. In the creation of conformity, security reigns supreme. In this false sense of happiness we come live, our eyes glued to the television set staring in wonder at the wonder of it all.

No one can promise that the people have a right to be secure in their homes as this ‘right’ is only given in the prospects of it being taken away. Those who go to war, will. And those who bear ill-will against the populace do so unencumbered by conscience. Grieving in the fact that ‘truth’ is being hidden, that those who rule do so in error does nothing but promote a helpless and unmotivated tax paying public. When all else fail, there is always hope and it is this sense of hope that carries the day for the down-trodden. Bringing all to their knees the King stands head and shoulders above all, reigning supreme upon the land of death and struggle.

Where a people struggle, there you will find the hand of those who seek and take relish in such. In striving for a happiness defined by those who have taken it away, all come up empty except the King of Illusion.

Is there any better remedy than that of self awareness?

Pursuing the hopes and dreams as laid out by the media of propaganda, the populous strives for the means of their disposal deterred at every turn by insurmountable obstacles justly placed by the rich and fabulous. Keeping the rats contained within a sinking sink serves only the Piper singing the tune of greatness. With eyes closed, all follow. Happiness is surely just up around the bend. Promises are always worth banking on.

Capturing the souls of the lost and lonely the Internet makes for a great place to further the mental manipulation of the Mental Masters. Feeling so high and mighty there are no great deeds which cannot be done - and undone. History is not written by the winners but by those who control education. Through intellectual hocus-pocus, magic tricks abound. Look, another show!

Staring out through life-less eyes of greed and power the cold-hearted remain so and only show themselves occasionally while warming up by the fires of burning flesh and bone. Playing Dungeons and Dragons is a kid’s game is it not?

All is good upon the land of Oz and in it’s quest for satiation the powers that be, will be. Parasites must feed and as the host comes to be mesmerized by the deep dark depths of cold-blooded killers, staring becomes neither impolite nor unfriendly. Gaze and weep upon one’s own destruction. See all that should be seen by those whose illusion is convincingly so.

Wrapped in paradox there is no way out but whence you came.

It’s called break dancing. Looking in the mirror of life we see the potential of our own dark and mysterious ways. Burdened by unhappiness we lose ourselves in it as we undertake the quest of searching for it’s opposite.


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