Why Is This Website Here?

 [Ed: Regarding fza.org]

A 'why' is always a good place to start. As a matter of fact all decisions come down to that - a why. Why did the church abrogate Ron's Scientology? Why did Ron's Org abrogate Ron's Scientology? Why did the so-called 'Freezone' do away with common sense? Why did this most unimportant Sector come to be ruled and regulated by the Grand Council? What is the nature of being? Why are we here and what is it that we are really doing - to what end?

Answers come easy to those who look for justifications to pave their way further into self-glorification but truth is another matter entirely and that truth can only be found individually. We can all hear it but it becomes meaningless until we make it our own. What is true for us, is true.

This gaze of perception creates the path of living which we walk each and every day. Our home is where we take it and by hook or by crook we drag all of our baggage with us. We see what we want to see and act accordingly.

This website does not provide a great deal of attention to the so-called 'Freezone', Ron's Org or to the church. These are all tools of the trade and used accordingly. There are much bigger things afoot in this universe and it's not our case by any stretch of the imagination. Though we come to be bound by our considerations, our own 'why's', there is much more to life than our perception, filtered through those lovely and ever-fashionable rose-colored glasses. Yes, our case, our baggage collection is where ever we look. As house-keepers we have little regard for our own environment.

But this environment in which we find beingness, we come to relish experience, the joy and thrills of something 'out there', of something beyond our selves. In motion our attention goes where it is we so desire most and when this attention arrives at it's destination life is created.

The Free Zone is but a mechanism of attention, of the drawing out and revelation of our own stacks of baggage. In creating such scenarios, organizations come and go as a result. The physical implications come to be mere shadowy effects of a long since past, spiritual endeavor. Seeing this does not require rose colored glasses.

In the Game and games that we play upon this universe of our own making, we slowly come to realize the spirit of play takes a back seat to serious conviction. When this happens our sense of wholeness, of complete responsibility, comes to be relegated to the circus side-show, a thing to be seen as on display at the freak show. Our 'why' comes to be as Frankenstein who declares "I am Alive!".

But in order to be alive one must have already been dead. In this topsy-turvy thinking, our human sentient existence comes to be declared as 'real' while our true nature is 'dead'. So loving of the world, we take each and every circus ride there is. We take all of the pain and anguish and make it real, as solid as we possibly can. And then as we find disagreement with the emotional content we scream in fits of rage to "be free!".

Just let it go.

Simple and so troubling to the baggage we have become. This is the reason, the 'why' that this website is here. To point the way is one thing, to travel it is another. It is, after all, your route to happiness so you may do with it as you please. There is always a choice and it is fully and completely your own. In order to reach for the stars one must first notice them and kill the dream of existence. No one has ever made it out alive, and never will. Beyond this shallow existence lies the reality of being and you are it. Looking for it in all the wrong places will get you no-where as you are already the 'where', the 'when' and the 'how come'.

How does one define their being? If the definition rests upon traits and characteristics then it is the show puppet that is the defining reference. We are not our demonstration and no matter how hard we try to be, failure is inevitable.

When the clock stops, we are. When the universe ceases, we are. We are; not because of anything at all, there is no 'why' which can be found to explain it all away in logical fashion. Logic rests upon our nature as does all else. We are not exterior to our selves, we simply are.

That is the 'why' of this website.

From this center of being all things emanate. Nary a thought nor consideration is given to the task of finding out what is happening, where it has come from and where it is going. To what ends our nature takes us only it alone is even remotely capable of understanding. When we swim against the tide of our being we falter. When we swim with the tide of our being we come to find that the way ahead is the way ahead and come what may nothing can change that. As a matter of fact nothing will.

What better way to surf the stars, to 'catch the wave' than to be completely at peace with our own nature. The Universe trembles in delight because we are that trembling delight in motion.

Trying to captivate it through a collection of belongings will only test the capacity of our baggage storage.

Travel light and travel fast.

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