Look, It's Elvis!

The 'ol swinging hips are everywhere, gyrating this way and that to a tune no longer heard or believed in. Yes, believed in.

We all live in appropriate times experiencing appropriate events. This universe does not make 'mistakes'.

There are no accidents and there is no such thing as a 'coincidence'. Two separate and apart things do not just 'happen' to come together. Yes, there are things that go bump in the night but that has nothing to do with 'coincidence'. We all know what we are doing whether we choose to acknowledge it or not.

And that is the problem for most, choosing to acknowledge their own existence, their own actions and responsibilities. Running is good exercise but devastating for one's mental health and out-look. When this happens the viewport through which we see the 'outside' world becomes narrower and narrower and as our attention becomes greater and greater, as we direct more and more force toward just being able to see, we lose it all. Look! There goes Elvis!

As we turn our heads this way and that we move our attention away from our own concerns in the hope that something wonderful is 'out there'. Seeking, we turn our world upside down and as we rummage through the closet sooner or later we realize that it is indeed a mess and should be cleaned. Oh well, perhaps another day, another time when we really feel like it. Closing the door, we run - away.

There are times which come upon us all in which we may scratch our heads and say to ourselves, "What is this all about?" Figuring out the inevitable we waylay our selves in but another experiential pot hole of delight. Of course it never seems that way at the moment - at the moment when we are busying ourselves with watching our running feet as we dive headlong into atmospheric resistance. But oh does that wind feel good!

We are always born into the most interesting times available for ourselves but we can always choose to ignore it, to become cast away and adrift in our own wonderful sense of mental constructs. There is no place like home, but it is not my place to reveal that 'home' is where the heart is, not where one may think it to be.

There is nothing like a good mystery is there?

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