Out of Sight, Out of Mind

This section of the Universe is a bit out of the way much like a backwoods outpost stuck in the middle of no-where serving no other useful purpose than of being there, of having or establishing a presence. It’s like making one’s self known and this is a very apt description of what is going on here on both sides of the equation.

When some thing or some one is busy making themselves known then it is always a sure sign that trouble is brewing, that something untoward is going on. But this demonstration of being-hood is neither unexpected nor inappropriate but more of an establishment of boundaries, of rules and regulations being brought to bear. In this game of life and living there is no shortage of those who, with tails between their legs, seek out an unaltered existence in an environment more conducive to their own ends. It’s like making sure that one wins by playing in a neighborhood ignorant of the game being played, the rules, regulations or even that there exists beings who harbor, exploit and enforce ill will towards Man.

It’s the ‘why’ as to the reason some beings are here.

For balance to be brought to bear there must exist two sides to an equation. Where one exists, the other becomes self-evident without further ado. In this condition an appearance of inequality only comes to the fore when one falls to either side of the balance beam or Scales of Justice. One dip of the scale requires a corresponding rise in the other and as the rise becomes evident the urge for upward mobility in the lower becomes the Urge for Survival.

Happiness is balance brought to bear.

As an advocate for those who have lost their voice there is no greater duty than to bring balance where none exists. To restore well-being and thereby promote a sense of harmony where happiness becomes self-evident and self-fulfilling. It’s not a matter of bringing judgement to bear upon those who tip the Scales of Justice but one of restoration. The ‘how’ and ‘why’ is yet another take on the roller coaster ride of Man-kind. If we are to understand and learn from each and every downward slide into oblivion then the Quest for immortality will just continue on as it has in it’s never ending journey of ‘ultimate understanding’. There is no such thing for we create that which we seek and promptly put it out of our reach. There is no end to imagination.

Would it not be better to just hold on to our rightness to begin with?

To keep balance we must be that balance.

Consider that just friendly advice.

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