Copyright Is A Term Of Commerce

“Copyright” is a term of commerce and therefore can never be applied to that which is of the spirit.

What is a ‘business-man’?

It is quite easy to become accustomed to that which is ‘hidden in the open’. When one sees day in and day out some particular thing over and over again there is a tendency for the mind to block it out. We become so acclimated to it’s presence that we come to take no note of it what-so-ever. It becomes part and parcel of our world-view. This is the way of hypnotic indoctrination, to bring to the fore that which one wishes to remain hidden. There is also the way of hypnotic substitution but that is another topic for another day.

On the corporate television channels one can see this hypnotic indoctrination in abundance. Monkey see, monkey do.

As the hundredth monkey passes it’s prime, all the King’s horses and all the King’s men ensure that one will never, ever put sanity back together again. But before we get too far off the topic let’s take a look at the unseen and abundant business suit.

The suit of business is everywhere and is required dress for those who wish to engage in the conduct and process of commerce, of Capitalism and profit coming before Man and God. In donning the dress of merchantability there is no greater god to trust than the mighty “fiat” dollar of lust, greed, power and dominion.

Yes, there those who as wolves in dress clothe themselves as such while retaining their own moral values. This aspect is not being addressed at the moment.

But those wolves who gleefully don the suit of business to conduct business merely demonstrate their own ‘genetic’ trail of tears. Climbing the corporate ladder of dominion, reaching the top is the top but this world view besides being twisted and broken reveals the reality behind the mask of deception. In order to keep to the shadows and to hold close the truths of evidence the suit becomes ‘normal’ and ‘true’.

Business is the property of a diminished spiritual heritage which in it’s haste to seek balance yearns to fall through the bottom to reach the ever elusive nirvana of fame and fortune, glory and power. When one cannot have these traits then surely it is to be had by taking it away from others. Exchanging one idea for another business is good.

In the world of Man business is the way of Man expressing itself in Search and Discovery. In the world of Man the suit of business denotes exchange, the exchange of one thing for another. But in the world from that which Man fell commerce is not only irrelevant but a sure fire recipe for burning the House down. Once incinerated, the only choice possible is to move to the land of Life and Living where there is always room for one more who wishes to conduct business, to give and take in order to create the illusion of a harmonic balance.

When in the business, whether religious or otherwise, don’t forget that as being part of the hundredth monkey syndrome there is a responsibility to bear which requires the actor to perform as befitting the role of dress. But one need not become in order to see the obvious for what it is.

The trick in breaking the spell of dominion is to see the obvious for what it is. The greater the advertising the greater the ‘need’. All one need do is to recognize the need for what it is.

As part of a destitute and dying culture one need not become it.

This is the trait of leadership, of perception and the rule of similarities and differences. The dead have no use for such while the living create choice by having a choice. Pity the Man who walks among plenty while seeing nothing but scarcity.

The dangerous Man is not the one who accumulates but the one who is already filled to overflowing; there is no greater ‘power’ in the Universe than spiritual full-fillment.

Like a rock.

I’ll bet that you can’t buy that for a dollar!

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