The Octopus Of Our Dreams

"Oh Charlotte, what a tangled web you weave."

Dreaming is that thing we do each and every day as we arise from our fit-full slumber and look forward to the day's activities, the day's experiential delights. Cotton candy never looked so good!

As tentacles of an octopus our thoughts, dreams and hopes take form and shape quivering this way and that in the excitation of expectation of that which is soon to come. We shall not lack. Demanding sensory feedback our minds become king of the roost and we, humble hens of servitude. The master calls us to do his bidding and diligently, we do so. Fighting it's battles and seeking it's fame our egotistical nature belies the friendly face we don. Is this not a costume dress party where "Who Dunnit" is in vogue?

The web of our deceit is bare for all to see but who exactly is going to see it when all about us are playing the same game. "Look at me, who am I?" Acknowledging the roles being played we expect the same from others. "Am I not marvelous!"

We take our being to be such grandeur that we become our creation and grant upon others their role and roles in playing this game of strategic victory. But what exactly is it that we are seeking to win. Best dressed? Most intriguing? Richer and poorer? Body beautiful?

There are so many games to play and so many already playing that it becomes difficult at times to join the fray. Climbing out of our deepest sleep we engage the day in yet another day dream, pretending and acting according to our beingness. This outward movement of attention captivates us and draws us close to it's breast. We become that which we see because there is no difference between seeing and being.

The way to recognize your own beingness is to see that which is being seen. Attention is such a strange craft, a strange incantation of the movement that goes on behind the curtain. Pulling the strings, the puppet dances to and fro in apparent delight and delighting the audience even more.

When you play for the audience just remember that the tangled web you weave catches much more than just it's intended victim, it also catches the unknowing one.

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