You Are, Therefore, I Am

Well, it's been quite some time since the last posting was made to this website. Time has a way of wending it's way forward, many times in complete defiance of known and established expectations - our own sense of what the Universe is and how it operates. But that is besides the point being made. Well, just barely.

It has been made known that in reaching and withdrawing the cycle of action perpetuates a stillness that is easily interpreted as peace and quiet. This cycle of self-reflection provides a means and way of taking all into context and allowing one's self to stay the course. For those who embrace the never ending 'reach', the Universe just goes on and on...

Somewhere along the way the end of 'reach' must be acknowledged and in this acknowledgement lies the uncovering of purpose and plan. We all contain purpose and plan but for most the veil of ignorance becomes some thing of great value, of great worth in thought, word and deed. It is what tends to keep us alive.

But what happens when the 'reach' ends? What happens when that which we seek becomes revealed to us as being already established within us but through our own devices, kept in the dark?

Yes, it is true. Our nature is the entirety of existence, for we make it so.

After a time the written word pales in it's effect. As Man screams in it's pain and pleasure of the partaking from the well of experience, evolution occurs. From the whole is split the positive and the negative. Are we Dr. Jekyll or is it Mr. Hyde today? Though we can lay claim to either, the truth is that we are so much more.

It is to this 'so much more' that this website, in all it's presentations past and present, provides for. There is no desire nor inclination to nurture the mind towards a more self-fulfilling ecstasy enshrined in experiential delight. In order to move beyond the sandbox of childish delight we move the light of attention beyond. In this movement environmental perception is completely ignored. We already know where we are so what's the point of rehashing the pain and suffering being constantly and consistently refreshed each and every moment? In order to move one must release one's current grasp in order to reattached it elsewhere. That is the slow but sure way.

Slowly making one's way out into the 'unknown' merely describes one's own compulsion and obsession in clinging to mortality, a mortal existence full of experience. Life becomes but one continuous moment of self indulgence.

There is much more to life than swimming in our own pond, drinking of ourselves fully and completely.

Sometimes, in order to stop the merry-go-round of self-indulgence, you just have to jump off into the Great Unknown fully taking the responsibility of what the Universe throws at you.

There is so much more to existence than the lure of godhood. Just because temptation exists doesn't mean that it must be experienced and when one fails to recognize our own efforts of waking up, sleeping at the wheel becomes more than just an idea - it becomes the most engrossing sandbox in the school playground.

Consider this an acknowledgement of your own essence, your basis of any and all being - that indefinable what you really are. This is much more than the granting of beingness, it is the acknowledgement of the Spark of Creation, that unfathomable thing from which all arises.

You are, therefore I am.

What more could be said?

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