Forgetting The Way

Mankind has been embodied for quite some time now. To be more precise, Mankind has been embodied for a very, very long time now. I suppose that some games are more interesting to play than others but in order to get to the bottom line one must suppose that enough is enough.

Out of creation Mankind has come. How and why presupposes that one contains the innate ability to understand those things which lies beyond the scope of perception - which of course is simply not the case. It would be like to trying to understand the nature and processes involved in 'being' the opposite sex - or even no sex at all. In order to fully understand that nature one must become it. Sure, there are plenty of people who attempt to cross that bridge but the body one inhabits at birth is as it is and despite all the measures in the universe undertaken to circumvent that solidity, it is inescapable. So when one embraces some particular beingness it becomes all that there is.

So how is one to 'see' beyond all that there is? How is one to move beyond the obviously limited scope, depth and breath of one's being? The answer is simple. One cannot 'move beyond' one's self. One cannot metamorphosis from one beingness to another while under the spell of the same. An actor can portray many characters but they all take root from the actor's basis of being - at least in the current context.

To move beyond one's own limitation requires one to ascertain the true nature of one's beingness, of coming to understand one's own make-up. When we cease to run away from what we are and come face-to-face with it, we then open the door to what lies beyond and it is this opening through which the great mystery reveals itself. All that one can do is to fully embrace the moment, the full and complete present in order to become the conduit of the Great Unknown.

We are something much greater than ourselves. Limitation is beingness in action. In order to relinquish that limitation one must prepare the ground in order for the tree of life to bear fruit. One cannot cause the fruit to appear but one certainly can promote and nurture an environment particularly suited to it's creation.

In order to see beyond our own sense of being we must relegate pride-full ownership to obscurity. We are what we are not what we may think we are. Moving beyond our own thoughts, ideas and concepts requires the conviction that there is no need for toys such as these, that our place in life is not in gaining a greater part of the playground in order to act out our fondest wishes but in acknowledging that inherent in life and living is a Great Mystery which requires the utmost attention.

Turning our attention beyond the boundaries of limitation enables us to free our selves from the human condition. Turning one's attention away from the daydream of yesterday and tomorrow allows us to embrace the present moment to a degree completely unknown in the experience of mortal Man.

In that moment of presence, in this moment of complete attention, one recognizes that forgetting the way is like taking a long walk off a short pier.

So quit daydreaming and remember who you really are.

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