Cycles Of Action

While undergoing the process of movie making a director will declare, from time to time, the word 'action!' to denote the start of reproduction and after another time period, 'cut!' to declare the end of union. All actors then go about their own business. From start to finish all are on display in their finest dress.

From start to finish the cycle is painfully born, borne out and then dies a certain death. From start to finish purpose, plan and action are undertaken and full-filled. Destiny becomes satiated and so lingers no more.

All action follows the same steps - from start to finish the tale weaves it's way and becomes no more. Life and living creates cycles of action and when these cycles come to be completed life endures no more.

Any yet spiritually, life continues to 'evolve'. From one doorstep to the next, we enter new abodes of worship seeking to create another life, another way of living. Eking out an existence, we come to be and relish perpetuity.

But what of the in between? What of the moment between moments where nothing of the sort occurs? Or does it?

Our nature requires the becoming of one thing or another, one after the other. But is this really true? If our nature compels us to obey who are we to provide testament to being? What is really going here?

For some the thrill of experience requires the up and down motion of the exhilarating ride of the roller coaster. Many love it so as to refuse to get off, never contemplating the idea that the ride is merely a device of our own choosing. Up and down, feeling the rush of experience from pain and glory to the depths of heaven and hell. What fun!

In cycles of action we take root and establish being. Our existence cannot be made known without the use of devices to propel us beyond obscurity and into the limelight. My, we do love the spotlight so!

To play the devil's advocate one could interrupt the cycle and prevent it's completion but doing so creates the cacophony of emotional turmoil. Nothing hurts the ears worse!

Sometimes, in order to move the game along one must allow the pieces to complete their self-assigned tasks in order to wield enough influence to create the promised land. This is not to say that frivolous tasks must be glorified but that sometimes, in order to make things 'better', things must be allowed to get much 'worse'. In the dichotomy of pain and suffering the use and abuse of such are quite well known.

Have you ever started something and purposefully ended it? Not in the lazy sense and certainly not in the translocation of attention sense but in the full command of one's senses?

How about being? Have you ever become and then let it all just drop away?

I wonder what would be left?

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