You Can Run But You Can't Hide

Scientology is quite the interesting subject. It not only contains pitfalls and deathtraps which were newly created by the taken-over church, but it also contains an absolutely wonderful array of tools, tips and techniques for one's spiritual growth. Personally, there is no attachment to any particular philosophy, religion or way of life but there is a great deal of interest in that which mirrors the truth of my own being. Scientology became a part of that truth a number of years ago and yet today it still has the potential and the ability to excite the harmonic tuning fork of truth. It rings and rings quite loudly along with the echoing vibratory effects which seems to bowl over whatever it is that comes before it.

But that is only for those whose awareness makes it so.

During a bout of administrative duties an article came up which brought the above to light - once again. It describes an aspect of spiritual behavior quite nicely which deals with the almost 'natural' ability of a spiritual being to run away or hide.

Pretending that something doesn't exist gives it perpetuity by feeding it energy in order to make it non-existent. That sounds quite strange but in fact non-existence requires the absence of energy. In pretending that something doesn't exist we must first give it substance and that can only be accomplished by feeding it energy. It's called "Feeding the Beast".

Where there is no energy or attention, there is no substance. It's not that we become afraid of nothing, it's the something of our creation which scares us to death. Sometimes, it's better to run and hide than it is to face that which we create. Taking responsibility is not for the faint of heart.

The article mentioned is titled "Sabotaging Case Gain - The Dangerous Auditor" written by Mike McClaughry as part of his "The On-Source Excalibur Course".

Here is the excerpt:

LRH tape lecture 29 August 1961 Basics of Auditing:

"Now let's take up something. under the heading of "escape" as a philosophy.

You'll get the auditor letting the pc escape; he wants the pc to escape, because this is the auditor's modus operandi of handling situations. And this is as wrongheaded as you could get, because the only way a pc will ever get Clear is by turning around and fighting down the devils that pursue him.

If a Scientologist has never been through an engram, if a Scientologist has never been stuck on the track, if a Scientologist has never seen ridges or any of the other mental phenomena, it is because his basic philosophy in life is escape.

Of course, if he's never seen an engram, what is he trying to do? He's trying to escape from engrams. So he escapes so hard from engrams that he sees a little flick of a picture and he's away, man, he's away. There's a little twitch of a somatic and phew! He's gone. Why?

His basic philosophy is that if you can run fast enough you never get bit. So, of course, he doesn't have what we call case reality, because of course he's running from his case. His basic philosophy is "The best way to handle a case is get out of it," so that's all he ever does with the pc: takes the pc out of his case.

It is pure kindness. This auditor will find the pc getting interiorized a little bit and he'll know that this is the wrong thing to do. So he will take the pc's attention out of session. Some of them do it very flagrantly and some of them do it very pleasantly. One of the ways of doing it is to change the process.

Pc shows the slightest inkling of digging into it in the bank and the auditor pulls him out. The auditor is selling him freedom. At what cost? The cost of never getting Clear.

The auditor is saying, "Escape, escape, escape." The auditor is actually saying, "Don't confront it, don't confront it, don't confront it." The processes he's running are saying, "Confront it, confront it, confront it," don't you see?

You cannot see engrams while you're running from them.

Let's take a model engram that this person is in. And they've got him tied to a post and he's being whipped. So he cannot leave that post, so he fixes his attention on a section of sky and says, "It isn't happening." That's escape, isn't it? So what does he find when he gets into that engram? He finds an invisibility called sky. He doesn't find any whiplashes, he doesn't find any post, he doesn't find anything - he finds a section of sky. That is the final mechanism: escape.

Now, he escapes mentally. He doesn't just run away; he escapes mentally. Don't you see? All right. So that worked; he didn't feel them after that.

So he's being tortured on the rack - ah! he fools them all: He goes unconscious; he can't feel it anymore. We don't have, then, an engram of the rack; we have a period of unconsciousness. You see that? He's actually in the incident, but he's only unconscious.

Escape mentally, escape mentally by forgetting it; escape mentally by looking at nothing; Escape mentally by saying it isn't there, you know? - the various mechanisms of not-is.

But the only philosophy that works in Scientology is "confront it."

And he isn't being vicious, he isn't trying to cut the pc to pieces. He knows what's best for the pc: Get out of there, man! Not even, "get rid of it," just "Get out of there." Pc starts to look a little bit indrawn, go into session, the auditor will pull him out every time.

No matter how kind this auditor appears, this auditor is not safe as an auditor. Why? Because this auditor practices escape.

I think you will find this is the winning card. And if you look this over and you follow some part of this and you get an understanding of this, why I think you will get some fantastic auditing gains, and your days of loses will simply be in the long-distant past."

- - - - - End of quotes from LRH tape - - - - -


If anyone has any doubts about my ability to remain on track and on target then I would say that they have not the slightest idea of who I really am.

Some have tried to run and some have tried to hide but it makes absolutely no difference to me because I am quite well versed in the mechanics of such.

We are all accountable for our actions. Anything else is called being 'reasonable'. I am not nor shall I ever be 'reasonable' - but I will give out the rope just enough for a good hanging. :-)

Happy trails!

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