Killing The Hydra

And so the motion forward becomes the driving force. Swimming with the current, distance becomes a thing of the past while swimming against it creates time enough to feel the pain. In this respect the Free Zone has landed ashore and it doesn't seem that it will be back in the water anytime soon.

The shadows may dance and sing upon the walls of life and living but that doesn't mean that there is any substance to them. Assigning proper conditions enables one to take flight into the far reaches of a reality not meant for mortal man. Spiritual freedom becomes a hollow ideal when one becomes that freedom. One cannot attain that which one has buried far beneath the sands of time. Though during the ebb and flow of the tides we tend to play with the idea of digging the beast up, we wait just a while longer so as to allow the tide to quickly cover it back up.

It's not about discovering what who or what we really are, its more about the dirty little secrets we tell ourselves about ourselves as we bring to bear all of our energy to believe it to be so. We are therefore we exist. What rubbish!

For the courageous few who are ready to dive head first into the unknown it becomes assured that they will be swallowed, whole and complete - never to be seen again. The funny thing is that nothing will have changed at all.

Rooted, we become fixated and so find a physical existence worthy of 'living', but in our 'death' we find no small measure of a totality overwhelmed with joy. The human experience is such a funny thing!

Though appearances and gossip may take note that to abscond from one's duties is tantamount to dereliction of duty, the shadows do tell tales. Enticing one to draw closer, ideology relishes the conviction of the convicted, to sway all those who are unlike themselves. "Bow before me thou heathen of ignorance!" Hah!

The games Man plays are neither sly nor tantalizing. But don't let that stop you.

Fomenting trouble is the trouble-maker's idea of paradise. On this world that has gone mad it seems that paradise is warmly embraced to no end.

So let it end.

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