Grounding In The Basis Of Life

Grounding ourselves to the physical universe, we create the life envisioned for ourselves - jumping with joy at the delight of such. Our endeavors entrap us in it's arms and sweep us away to far-off lands enticed with exotic adventures never before experienced. The sales department must have been working overtime and like the good cattle we are, we follow the tried and true path to the barn door of whatever it is that we are being led to believe.

Grounded in perception, we see the life we lead as not being our own as who in their right mind would ever acquiesce to such pain and suffering such as the common man endures. Endure we must and so we take up the mantle of disbelief and live in hopes of despair. Though the horror of it all soon becomes unbearable we stand up to the challenge and boast of our true blood. We are the king of kings!

Wrapped in self reflection we embrace our roles to be 'unique'. We alone are and all else not. In such reversal we find refuge from the storm of truth keeping at bay the inevitable for just a little while longer. Hanging on to hope we yearn for the future and gladly leave the present to those who fancy their ideals as being the only way to go. Since all roads lead to Rome why not take the scenic route my friend?

Staking ourselves to flesh and bone we come to find housekeeping a bore so why not leave that too to the herd master? To do as we are told is to serve and since we all serve the Creator we readily agree. Man is so charitable to take the robes of Creation upon himself and share it's glory is he not? Lighting the way, we follow and as we fall off one cliff after another we never come to realize that something must be afoot, that something just seems odd.

Shaking our heads we fall out of step and soon face the wrath of Man-god. "Back in line!"

Lacking courage and embracing the good life we obey and pass the same on to the rest of the herd.

Light The Fire

All it takes is one.

One flashlight to drive the darkness away. One candle to be the beacon of understanding. One glow stick to disband the murky depths. Just one insight to reveal the universe in it's true form. One revelation to completely change how we view ourselves, others and the universe. One moment of courage to show what it is that we are really made up of.

Just one...

When the fire begins to burn from within the Shades of Night begin to give back the power which we freely gave unto them. We are not cattle by nature nor wolves hunting prey. We are the fire of understanding, of insight, revelation - the spark of life!

Embracing anything else is just child's play.

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