The Fallacy Of Chaining Technology

Following chains of related targeted items in order to release the top level symptoms of disagreement is not always in the best interest of the process itself. The purpose and plan of being the bloodhound as one follows the scent is a bit rigid in it's implementation and is therefore of limited use in it's narrow focus.

Two issues must be clear before we proceed.

  1. This report is not meant to replace existing structures. In fact, this report describes the next rung up the ladder and is, of course, not suited to those unprepared.

  2. Following thought chains with a narrow focus is also not suited for those unprepared. Singled mindedness is what brings about constriction and so this deed must be, not avoided, but eliminated.

Although the auditor is the one that is in charge of the session, the external auditor must be pulled in and become the internal auditor. When the pc is ready, the duality of being becomes one. The concept of being does remain at this point but conceptually, there is a break down of separation to a limited degree. Solo auditing means that one comes to be external to one's self.

As a solo auditor your job is to encompass the duality of your being and recognize that you are much more than the effects reproduced upon the concept. In the fullfillment of solo processing one finds that each foot rests separately in their own world. This might be a good time to say that solo processing is like dancing the Mambo.

Back to chaining.

When thought forms are dealt with in an elementary fashion the common thread is used as a life-line, taking one down into the abyss of one's torment and then coming back up for air. This is not so during the solo flight. In solo, one does not come back up for air as the realization has already been accepted that one is where one is. Period.

We now come to the point where following a=a=a becomes a moot process. In it's stead, we follow a=b=4382.146. In other words, the line is purely theoretical. It can go any where, any time and any place and the only thing holding it all together is the solo auditor himself.

This is a good place to mention that there is no such thing as an accident and there are no coincidences. Johnny the solo auditor manages to catch a glimpse of a thought form crossing his path that he finds himself reacting to. Being the solo auditor that he is, he takes that thought form and gives it his attention, fully noticing any and all effects encompassed by that thought form. At this stage of solo auditing one does not take the time to "think" about time, place, form and event. It has already become second nature, and so Johnny allows his attention to "flow through" on any and all items on the table. The end point is obvious.

As an example, Johnny, while walking by an oak tree in full regalia on a busy street hears the sounds of traffic, people talking, a dog barking and his own breathing. The sensory data, perfectly combined, sparked a slight, small, distant memory of some foreign place. Johnny does not investigate the distant memory as he is already too clever for his own good. Instead, he flows attention to that memory in order to excite it. Ever watch-full for effects, he notices the idea of of water coming into being. As he continues to follow the same routine other ideas and concepts come to life: cheese sandwiches, effort to live, death in war... Suddenly, Johnny just happens to look down to spot a shiny new coin, simply lying there on the sidewalk as the traffic light turns green, a pause in the air becomes apparent and his own breathing mysteriously vanishes.

Has anything happened?

Superman was more powerful that a locomotive, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound and faster than a speeding bullet. Attention is like that.

Some pcs will try to sort it all out but for the solo auditor there is nothing to "figure out" because nothing happened.

As a being, conceived out of nothingness, collects experience and releases that same experience can it be said that anything happened? The only one to hold onto experience in order to "be" or "become" one thing or another is the pc, the beingness which contains a mission or missions.

It's not a matter of going back home. It's a matter of letting go all that one is not in order to remain at peace as you ARE. In this regard any and all chains of intellectual mumbo-jumbo are just that - preparation for what really matters.

There are more than enough beings who are completely immersed in and within their own created experience who cry out for salvation - but only when the effects of their actions bring them any kind of discomfort. It is only then that the search begins. The solo auditor knows this only too well and in so coming to terms with experience, in all of it's myriad shapes, forms and circumstances, the solo auditor realizes that the only thing keeping their beingness together in one piece, is they, themselves.

No one is their beingness. In the same way that no one is their arm, shoes, ideology or experience. We are all that we survey and even in that limitation we reign supreme.

Although this report has ended far from where it began, the point remains.

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