From The Heart

Working our day to day magic we encumber ourselves with ourselves and as we carry the burden no one else wishes to bear we are left alone - destitute and dying to be reborn. Ever onward we plow ahead despite and in spite of any thing and any one who gets in our way. The road to heaven is littering with corpses but by the gods ours will never see the light of day and so we break down and become the refuse upon the well worn path to no where.

Following one's heart requires none but the brave, the few who will stand up against their own sense of righteousness to strike the very root of our being and in so facing our own torments relish the ghouls to dissipate upon the winds of change. Without the drive to vanquish our demons who could ever hope for salvation by another when we bear to breast clutching madly at our own sense of selfish pride and glory. In our vastness of time and space have we become so lost and alone that nothing is left for us but to drag down the rest of the boat in order to share our murky depths in the hopes that perhaps spreading this 'joy' will allow for us a chance at salvation. Perhaps in giving pain someone else will notice us.

In the twisted and selfish path of solitary godhood all that one could possible hope for is redemption from outside of our being, from some outside source who contains the power of righteousness we so lack.

By why take the road of pain, sorrow and some more pain and sorrow?

To the heart of the matter lies the center from which all life springs. In this eternal flow of joy of what need is there for the sinking of the boat in order to gain an audience? From this perpetual place of peace where would be the necessity to convince and convict in order to 'lighten' our oh so heavy burden of pain and despair?

In choosing one side of the scale over the other we can come to the end of the same road. Whether for 'good' or for 'evil' the Creator is the scale upon which the balance experiences itself.

13 Jul 09

Out of the unfathomable vastness of Creation, movement occurs.

As life unfolds in it's polarity experience forms and provides for infinite possibilities.

To what end does Creation experience itself? Can this question even be answered? Or does Creation experience itself at all?

Creation moves by it's own accord. Out of it's own vastness motion occurs. In fact there is no vastness as all that there is, is. It is to this that motion happens and

Fearing The Dark

In the trilogy called Mankind there lies the light, the dark and the balanced. Each has purpose and plan and yet in immersion do we find that the only plan there is is to win and win big at the casino of life and living. Rolling the dice we watch with glee just waiting for the winning chips to fall where they may - of course in our pocket!

Twirling in the depths of madness we see nothing but that which we engender. Living the 'high' life we never rest on our laurels. Busy is as busy does.

What Consciousness Entails

Consciousness, as we all know, is that thing which exists outside of ourselves which is used as a device to explain what the hell it is that we are doing. In searching for answers our nose leads us every where and when and yet strangely, coming up quite short of anything of value. The high value target is that which will provide for the returns we seek. It really doesn't matter what shape, form or context the ideation takes just as long as we get some sensory feedback, something anything of experiential 'value' and what better place to capture this essence than on the planet we call Earth.

Locked in a physicality of our own choosing we release the binds and bounds of free will so that we may 'live'. In experience we are born and in death the script fulfills purpose and plan.

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