Easing The Pain of Unemployment

When we are bereft we seek. It is in this seeking that gain-full endeavors are brought to bear which of course will always result in pain and suffering. What is it that suffers? It is our own conceptual basis for being. In our creation we not only live and die, but embrace the demonstration of our selves. Into the mirror of life we dive with fervor and purpose never realizing that we are the survival we seek. Has any one yet broken free from their own being? Nothing can come of breaking free because we simply cannot break free of our selves. We are the reminder that not all is as it appears and we are certainly not that. In fact, we are nothing at all though the popular belief is that we must be one thing or another. Coming from the dancing shadows upon the cave wall who in their right mind would accept such appearances as being the reality which we are.

Do we just continue to fool our selves that we are not what we think we are and in so empowering the thought give it life and come to call it "me"? If existence is only to be experienced through a beingness far removed from our selves what is to become of us? Do we continue to gleefully pretend that our sandbox is the only reality in which we have drowned or do we simply let the thought, all thoughts, go in order to allow the rememberance of our selves to see the light of day?

Are we really self-aware or are we just providing excuses in order to sustain our conceptual experiential delight in which we have nurtured and sustained deep roots of belief? Belief in what? In empowering our world we sustain it's influence and gain the reward of experiencing it's effects. Garbage in, garbage out. In our pretension that we do nothing our ignorance and arrogance strikes us at every turn. What option or options can there be left to us if we do so wish to be free and clear of our deceptions and ignorance?

Facing reality is best left to those who leave the sandbox of life and embrace adolescence. Achieving knowledge about one's self requires that our attention be purposefully directed. Not purposefully directed away from something but purposefully directed toward something and the something is our very own nature. What is it that makes us capable of awareness and unawareness? What is it that makes and creates ignorance as well as knowledgeable insight? In achieving realization we embark upon a journey of discovery but what is it that creates the realization in the first place. Can it all be attributed to a "click" in the mechanism of the mind or is there something else at work here?

There are so many questions in which to ponder our own consciousness and yet few are the takers who take the bold step of self-recognition, of actually looking instead of seeing. When we begin to see that our toys, our tools of "play", pale in comparison to moving ourselves beyond our own boundaries, of moving ourselves into a reality where appearances and illusions have no place, where experiential delight remains a childish ploy undertaken to give free reign to mental constructs which have no bearing on anything but itself, it is then that we begin to establish ourselves in who and what we really are.

From eternity to selfish obsession and back again, a thought finds purpose and plan in which to sustain a life which can never be it's own, hence the compulsion to achieve victory over death. There is no death since there has not been an endowment of life. From spontaneous existence comes spontaneous dispersal. It is neither created nor destroyed and in the time of between life comes to know of it's self. Does this mean that we must ensure it's survival by turning away from our selves in order to sustain it's appearance.

Perhaps one's attention is better spent on using that energy towards endowing the recognition of our own self instead of wasting it on that which has neither longevity nor reality. Leaving the sandbox of our dreams would do the thought of us well.

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