Drawing To A Close

Drawing to a close there is not much left to be said, to be done or even to be hinted at. Right now there are so many things or 'pokers' in the fire that eventuality shall reach it's fulfillment in no short order. Sweeping the land, the swept up become as lifted off the pages of Fame and Fortune. Highlighting the day, all gasp in their finely tuned instruments of emotional servitude.

We are not what we eat but that which we serve.

Service becomes mandatory in this day and age of killing off the useless eaters. Through trial and error both serve their purpose of elimination and castigation. If it's not one thing, it's another. Looking this way and that distraction is our best policy. Rooted in religious heresy all become chosen to receive the mark of the beat.

But look no further for the mark is already upon us.

Dwelling in the hearts and minds of Man is the conviction that we are all above the law. Our way is the only way and all others must surely succumb. There can be only one.

But in this battle of right and wrong all become that which is relegated to the death bin. Where is the peace and compassion when our own opinions, our own belief systems become more important than free will, the right of Man to determine His own fate. In the quest for domination dominion comes to our door not knocking for entry but busting the door down in order to take us away. Slaves may make good property but when one is a slave to one's own desires then what of it? What of the consequences of our own actions?

The Wheel of Life always comes full circle before beginning anew.

Closing one chapter in order to begin another is neither cause for alarm nor of little concern. Earth is the fire upon which the tempest nature of Man is sorely tested. Burning with knowledge the knowledgeable become infused with wisdom. Burning with selfish desire the selfish become infused with equilibrium. Balancing the great weight of time, place, form and event nothing remains untouched nor unaffected. Running deep, ascension calls us forth to break the new day in the glory of the moment called Creation.

It's not that Man is going anywhere, it's that the allotted time of self aggrandizement is drawing to a close. And like any other obsession or compulsion, one must come to understand that self-interest binds us to much more that just the resulting consequences - it creates the world in which we find the life experience.

Coming face-to-face with our created reality requires us to stand tall and deliver that fatal blow called free will upon the self-image.

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