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Falling From Grace

This is a conceptual roadmap plotting the Fall from Grace.

The sense of awareness in itself creates and defines a separation from our selves, our own true nature. This is, of course, an untruth as we cannot be separate and apart from our selves at any time. All that can be done is to create an illusion, or pretend that we are not who or what we really are. In this way, the sense of awareness is nothing but a daydream, a stage play on and about our selves, starring as the main actor, our selves! We are all the actors, the stage, the setting, the audience - everything.

When awareness is born so too is it's opposite as no one thing can exist without it's polarity. As one side of the coin, awareness can never embrace the other, unawareness. And unawareness can never be part and parcel of awareness. Merging the two uncreates both. Both sharing the same home, their expression defines their existence.

As a totality we embrace all and are all. All that is exists within us. There is nothing else. Strange as it is, from this nothing else, something else comes. Mortal minds can't comprehend it nor do spiritual minds. These lowly traits help to define the Fall and though we may take great relish in sustaining and justifying their existence, it ultimately means nothing.

Out of the maelstrom from the center of our beingness, beingness springs. Awareness comes to exist as the answer to pretension. If we are not who or what we really are, then what are we? What a powerful question. In such creation we are born.

We are all that we see and yet in our beingess we see very little. Slicing off a minuscule idea of the totality of which we are, we come to be some thing. We come to be that which has characteristics and traits. Our immortality must be questioned as nothing lives forever, isn't that right?

Our birth is sudden and glorious. It is a wonder that we are alive! And in this aliveness we come to find that death exists. One thing cannot exist without it's opposite. In death we find that beingness becomes limited and so the urge to remember is born. Being expresses itself through limitations and freedoms.

As the mind matures in it's unrelenting pursuit of experiential delight we slowly, ever so slowly come to see that it performs a very valuable service. Bow to it we must in order to keep our story straight. The lie becomes frightened of revelation.

Becoming one thing or another, we escape being.

As the body roams the Earth existence becomes limited and narrow in scope. Ever dwindling, we find less and less salvation in our uniqueness, our individuality becomes a vast ocean in which we drown our sorrows.

The Fall from Grace is never easy and the climb back up remains the same. At least that is the appearance.

The illusion of life, of beingness remains thus so, for if we take but a moment to dive whence we came, the daydream ends. Our dream of life and living requires enormous effort and yet little, very little is devoted to honor that from which we derived. In separation we yet remain unless and until we require it no further.

In my dream I became some body, doing some thing until I did it all again and again. Eventually, the dream ended and I was right where and when I left my self. Shaking my head awake, I realized that even this dream had ended but alas there was no one to know of it, even me!

Falling from Grace requires flying into it's arms. What's all the bother about anyway?

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