Climbing Stairs To Perpetuity

Ever seeking, we tend to train our minds to always look exterior to our selves, to always focus it's attention and drive in acquiring solutions to our problems from our environment. Once this ingrained thought becomes second nature we no longer remain steadfast within our selves but must then depend upon others to bring peace to us. In becoming so accustomed, we demand to be fed and served hand and foot by all those around us. In our dependancy we 'forget' that it is we our selves who create and resolve any and all problems that we may think we have.

In this desire to hold others accountable for our actions, we live and breath the life of a slave. No longer are we masters of our own selves but now require others to tell us what to do, to tells us how, when, where and sometimes why to do whatever it is that is required of us and we gladly follow suit - all in the name of losing our own sense of beingness.

When the doctor tells us to take toxic drugs in order to inhibit systemic biological neglect, we take comfort in knowing that it is the doctor who is not only in charge, but who knows what is best for our own personal needs. And when the toxicity of the drug produces yet another strain upon the form and function, we yet again gladly enrich the medical establishment to do unto us that which no sane individual would do to another.

What sane being would endeavor to enrich their own pockets through the suffering of others? No sane being would, but this planet is not one where sanity rules the roost. No civilization, in whatever way one deems it to be, endures peace when an illusionary life is lived to it's fullest and richest.

Cause and causes can be found in plenitude and will always resolve in new and more 'interesting' problems and solutions and in the end, there are still more. More problems to overcome, more solutions to integrate into a society that fails to understand what peace really means. Unless and until peace becomes our nature, which it already is, there will be no peace among the ravaging natives running amuck as the sky falls.

We can all forever endeavor to carve out stairs from the bedrock to perpetuity climbing and ascending to the highest reaches of the heavens. Never, ever, will we arrive until we look in the mirror and see that in training our minds to embrace the dream all that we can ever hope to accomplish is to achieve a dream victory. And even that is but a precarious hope.

What we focus our attention on is what becomes real to us.

In this dreaming, to which we have devoted so much effort and energy to keep alive, we are bound to remain fixated until we simply let go and let reality take hold. Reality is not something which is created but is that which already exists, and in order to face it one must cease to be a slave to what one has created. It's like turning one's attention from the television to one's own nature. Just change the channel and throw the remote away, for good.

You are what's on - all the time.

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