Carried Away

In interest we rise and in boredom we fall. Our minds are like silly putty, capturing and embracing all that our senses spy and when change repeats itself, when lack of new, interesting, stimulus becomes vacated, our minds return to it's sloth-like behavior of ill-repute. Lazy and sullen, we come to learn that in order to serve our Master well we must seek out new life, new hopes and dreams to live our lives by. The world is there for our taking and take it we will - or die trying, so says the Master, the one who we carry as the monkey on our back.

Pleasing it to no end, we reign subservient as is our right. Giving up our selves to the endless demands, we no longer find the effort for the will to really live. Gasping for air, we gasp in eternity, hoping against hope that our future will improve. And then the Master calls us from our reverie to perform yet another task, yet another worthless task in which to take refuge and delight.

Our darkest days are those in which we find a glimmer of hope that something is wrong and which we vow to set right, only to remember our place as the Slave to desire, of unquenching appetite for devouring the goodness within. The fight seems to become easier only when we give up the ghost, and so, little by little, we gladly do until there is nothing left to give until eventually we come to find that our beingness is of little use to any but the Master.

In this strange turn of events, we find that as we turn our backs upon our own nature, our own all-encompassing immortality, we create ideas of our selves which we then hold in utmost respect. Bowing to the Master, we feel justified as all gods deserve our utmost respect and we encourage all others to follow suit.

As we follow the rump in front of us during our little adventure in life and living here on this planet, we come to find that enjoyment takes place entirely within view of the swaying buttocks to which we are fixated before us. If we happen to glance and see another veering off course, it becomes our time honored right and privilege to ensure their return. We are all on the road to greener pastures are we not?

Understanding can never take place rooted in ideas, concepts and the Master's training. That would be suicidal imagination running wild with so-called 'truths' which in reality are nothing more than opinionated musings about one's environment.

Break the mold and set your self free. Break your own chains of despair and come to see that you are the heights to which great men aspire and you are also the depths from which great wisdom takes root. You are the all in which life and living happen in and in that happening you find that dreams never last.

So why the huge amount of effort in keeping the dream alive? It's simple. Without it, the House of Cards would fall and reveal the fact that though you believe the world has captured you, it is you which has captured the world - by it's toe.

Let the current take you where it will as you are always in the good hands of you.

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